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Ontario, Canada

In his January 2022 Newsletter, District Governor Ron Dick wishes everyone and safe and Happy New Year. He talks about Vocational Service , the theme for January 2022, and encourages everyone to register for the January 11 Tuesday Talks featuring Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Founder and President, Global Footprint Network. Ron also asks everyone to register for the May13 - 15 District Conference and to stay tune to hear about our keynote speaker. ........

January is Vocational Service month on Rotary’s calendar.  Please take a few minutes to read about this important Avenue of Service in these excerpts from an article written by the Past Chair of the District 7070 Vocational Service Committee, Ian Lancaster, about Vocational Service,  its history and its importance in Rotary club life. Be sure to check out examples of projects for your club to support and make everyone award of Rotary's important Avenue of Service ....


Nilam Bedi, Chair, of the District 7070 Areas of Focus Environment Committee noted that clubs in our District get it. Last year 4 clubs had Environment Committees. This year we have 26 clubs with Environment Committees. He welcomed our keynote speaker,  Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Founder and President, Global Footprint Network. Dr. Wackernagel is an internationally recognized authority on developing metrics for ecological sustainability who published extensively and won numerous award for his work.  

Title:   Supporting the Environment: Are we committed to our own success?

The future has never been more predictable than today. We know that people will want to eat, sleep, be safely sheltered, and move around. They will also live in a world with more extreme weather and climate change, as well as fewer ecological resources. We already have a massive overshoot of our demands upon the planet relative to what it can sustain. Dialling back this overshoot, even if we do it ultra-fast, will not be a quick-fix for the extreme weather and fewer ecological resources. What we also know for sure: humanity will get out of overshoot one way or another - the choice is merely whether it will be by design or through disaster. Therefore, communities, corporations or countries that do not prepare for this predictable future will be at a large disadvantage. What are we waiting for? What are our options?  Dr. Wackernagel Dr. Wackernagel explored these questions and suggested how Rotarians can get involved in tackling the threats to our planet. Here is the link to the replay: https://youtu.be/Y3FWop3dNIY

The path to a strong vibrant Rotary Club involves our Membership.  Membership is like a garden, to be strong and grow we nurture current members and plant the seeds for new members on an ongoing basis. 

On Saturday January 22, 2022 from 9:30 am to 11:10 am - the District Membership Committee is hosting a New “Grow Rotary Zoom Workshop”. We welcome Rotarian Paul Elsley, Past President of the Kingston ON Rotary Club to share how his Club was able to grow by 10+ members during the pandemic.  There will be opportunities for questions and for attendees to share their own Club experiences and tips.  This informative and interactive workshop will generate discussion and spark ideas to engage and inspire.  All Rotarians welcome and we encourage at least 3 from each club to attend so you can share the discussion and work on plans for strengthening your Club.  REGISTER NOW!

REGISTER TODAY and PUT MEMBERSHIP FRONT & CENTER IN YOUR CLUB. On January 22, 2022 from 9:30 am to 11:10 am - the District Membership Committee is hosting a New “Grow Rotary Zoom Workshop”. Registration is now OPEN on the District 7070 website right here.

District 7070 has Clubs that are vibrant and growing…how are they doing that?  How are other Districts doing that?  This informative and interactive workshop will generate discussion and spark ideas to engage and inspire.   We encourage at least 3 members from a club to attend so you can share the discussion and work on plans for strengthening your Club.  The workshop is for all Rotarians interested in their club’s path to growth.

Richard Mewhinney, Chair of Rotary District 7070's Areas of Focus Action Committee and Rotary District 7070 Past District Governor Ron Denham (Chair Emeritus of WASH RAG - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Rotary Action Group) invite you to join our keynote speaker, John Oldfield, the former Managing Principal with Global Water 2020. Ryan Rowe of HANWASH (Haiti Clean Water., Sanitation &Hygiene Strategy) will also be speaking. 

TOPIC: WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene): A Foundation for Successful Sustainable Progress For Many Related Challenges

Safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is a fundamental development challenge in and of itself. Often overlooked, however, are the many contributions that successful WASH programs make to early success and sustainable progress on related development challenges, including health, education, the empowerment of women and girls, and even democracy itself. Please join us as John, as he details these linkages with an eye to encouraging governments across the globe to significantly accelerate progress. REGISTER TODAY

In 2021, we are staying with our Rotary Leadership Institute programming in the virtual format as a result of the pandemic. Although we all appreciate that videoconference will never replace the personal connection that we get from meeting face-to-face, we still had a very successful program with overwhelming response and enthusiasm from Rotarians across the District. Rotarians new to Rotary and even those with many years of service will benefit from learning how we can create strong clubs with vibrant members who are engaged and committed to Service Above Self. This Rotary year, we will be maintaining our virtual format on the Zoom platform. You can NOW go to the District 7070 Events Calendar NOW and register for Parts I, II and III . Register  right here for Part One .Register  right here for Part Two.  Register  right here for Part Three . Here are some important new details for 2021-22 .....

Join our hosts, Rotary International Vice President Valarie Wafer, and Rotary Foundation Trustee, Dean Rohrs, for our Fundraising Gala on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET.   Special guests include RI President-Elect Jennifer Jones, Director-Elect Drew Kessler, and our MC for the evening, Past-Director Jeffry Cadorette.

To Rotarians in District 7070:

In the 2019-2020 Rotary Year, many Rotarians and Rotaractors of District 7070 participated to complete the new 3-year strategic plan.  A recent District wide survey reconfirmed and refined the Strategic Actions under the following four categories:


To assist the Rotary Clubs of District 7070 achieve their Strategic Action goals, the District Public Relations Committee is introducing a Rotary Club ClubRunner Website Refresh Program and Promotional Discount available for your club TODAY. Please Read more......


We've been zooming along for a while now.  Many of our clubs are looking forward to re-connecting in person.  But what if some of your club members have truly embraced remote meetings?  The next era of Rotary meetings are hybrid's.  That's right, a combination of in person and remote.  It's another new frontier! If you want to learn how to run great hybrid meeting so everyone is present, either remotely or in the room, please watch this special edition of Tech Tuesday Talks.  You'll hear from seasoned Rotarians who will show and tell what it takes to make a hybrid meeting great.  Learn from those in the know, best practices for sharing presentations, speakers, voice and background.  Gain from the experience of others.  Questions you may have, like "can you just put a laptop at the front of the room or do you need special technology or hardware?"  "Is it costly?"  "How "techy" does one need to be to run a hybrid meeting?"  Join us for answers to these and many other questions so your club can zoom into the frontier of hybrid Rotary meetings. The future is bright - it's hybrid!  Watch it on the Rotary District You Tube Channel today    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rotary+district+7070  . Please Read more to see the video.....