Welcome To District 7070

Ontario, Canada

June is Rotary Fellowships Month:

In his June 2021 Newsletter, District Governor Mark Chipman focuses on fellowship that we enjoy in our Rotary Clubs and beyond. He talks about his own club fellowship, the dozens of Rotary Fellowships you can join and even the fellowship that we have at our District events like the Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup,  the June 25 - 26 District 7070 Conference, our June 30 District year End Celebration and many more............

What Is your Rotary Club doing to focus on Rotary Fellowships in the month of June 2021, or anytime of the year for that matter?   Rotary Fellowships are groups of Rotary members, spouses, and Rotaractors who: Share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions,  Further their vocational development with others in the same profession or field and enhance their Rotary experience by exploring new opportunities and making connections around the world. To find out how you can join or start a Rotary Fellowship, watch this video and Please read more.....

Each year Rotary District 7070 selects and awards Rotarians, Clubs and/or groups with awards for achievement in a variety of areas.   Each award has a specific meaning and value.  Individual Rotarians and/or Clubs have, in the past, requested to sponsor specific awards.  In order to provide a fair and equitable opportunity for all Rotarians or Clubs to sponsor, the following guidelines have been developed. The application process will open from February 1st to March 10st each year. All applications must be completed through the event page.  Click here. Please Read more for all of the details

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Volcano Disaster Needs Rotary's help. Maureen Bird (RC Toronto), Hal Allen (RC Whitby-Sunrise) and Steve Rutledge (RC Whitby -Sunrise) have a presentation they would like your club to see and how your club can help right now. When you see their presentation and the devastation that the volcanic ash has created, you will want to help the people. District Governor Mark Chipman is urging all clubs in our District to help.

The Rotary ‘GREAT LAKES WATERSHED CLEANUP’ is on right now.  From Saturday April 24 (to coincide with Earth Day on April 22)  through mid June 2021, over 20,000 Rotarians on both sides of the Canadian and U.S. border will roll up their sleeves to collect refuse along the shoreline, and innumerable waterway tributaries to the Great Lakes basin.  This is great example of ‘ROTARY IN ACTION’ and brings considerable community attention to the importance of ‘ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY’