Rotary Foundation Project Bank for 2021-22
Under this heading, you will find brief presentations of Rotary Foundation Projects from Clubs and
Districts around the world, that the District Governor and D7070 have received. The request may be
for a Club in our District to take on the role as International Partner of the Project. Others may ask
for DDF (District Designated Funds), or cash contributions from D7070 Clubs. Projects will be
displayed for a limited time.
This site is an excellent starting point, if your Club is looking to become involved in an international
project. You and your Club can approach this in different ways depending on the interest and
resources of your Club. Please, remember that according to The Rotary Foundation, Host and
International Partners in a Global Grant project must be qualified.
Every year, each District only has a limited amount of DDF, which can be allocated to support
projects. Therefore, D7070 has a rule to only provide DDF to projects receiving cash support from
one or more D7070 Clubs. We may match cash from D7070 Clubs dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 per
Club and project.  The word may is important, as we want to support every project where D7070
Club are involved with DDF. As of July 1, 2021, TRF is only matching DDF in project (80%), making
it even more important to have DDF in a Global Grant project. TRF is no longer matching Club
Please, click on the list of projects in the column to the left to learn more about the individual
In addition, please contact PDG Lars Henriksson, District Foundation Sub Committee Chair,
regarding potential DDF (District Designated Fund) matching of Club cash contributions, or any other
issues related to Grant management.  Lars can be reached at or tel
416 402 6093..