Your club insurance is provided as part of a group insurance policy that is common to all Rotary Clubs in Canada.  A committee of Rotarian insurance professionals from across Canada is empowered to arrange this coverage and keep it current.  This program provides consistent coverage and pricing for all Rotary Clubs in Canada.

A few clubs in the district have special insurance needs that are looked after by an additional coverage for that club alone.  If your club is interested in obtaining additional coverage, please contact our broker and it can be added onto your insurance on either a temporary or permanent basis.

The following was prepared by the District Treasurer.  He is not an insurance professional and should not be relied upon for insurance advice.  This represents what he understands of the coverage.  If you have any questions, you should contact our broker (see below) or ask an insurance professional within your own club.

Your Insurance Policy
Your coverage is made up of 
  1. your club's certificate (emailed about August each year to your club president), which sets out the limits of coverage that applies to your club.  
  2. the Master Policy and Forms and Endorsements (click links at left to get these) spell out all the details of coverage.  
As mentioned above, this plan was designed by Rotarians who are professional insurance brokers with the intent of covering all common Rotary activities.
Proof of Coverage & Adding a Named Insured
Your club's certificate may be sufficient for most purposes to prove that you have coverage.  Sometimes an organization with whom you are dealing for a function may insist on being added to the policy as a named insured.  That can be done easily and in most cases at no cost by contacting our broker.

Click on the link "
Special insurance Coverage Requests" under Related Pages at the left to get the form you need to complete and send to our broker.  
My understanding is that events that involve both liquor and the public (non-Rotarians/Rotarian families) must be discussed in advance with our broker.  Sometimes all they need is notice that the event is happening and coverage is provided at no cost.  At the other end of the spectrum are RibFests where additional coverage at a cost must be obtained.

Click on the link "Special insurance Coverage Requests" under Related Pages at the left to get the Liquor Questionnaire form you need to complete and send to our broker.  
Stage Rentals
There is a $1 million limitation for liability involving stage rentals.  If your event involves rental of a stage, you should contact our broker (see below) to discuss whether you need extra coverage.
As near as I can make out, there is no coverage for motorized boats of any kind except one that is no longer than 16 feet and is being used for safety purposes during a dragon boat practice or race.  If you use a motorized boat for any other purpose, whether you own or rent or borrow it, please contact our broker (see below) to discuss whether you need extra coverage.
Your Insurance Premium
The total insurance premium is billed to the District based on a cost per Rotarian and passed on to you on your District Dues and Insurance invoice.  
If You Have Questions:
The District Treasurer can provide general information about the policy but is not an insurance broker.  
For clarification about coverage, questions about events involving liquor etc. our broker is:
Kelsey Schaafsma
Registered Insurance Broker
Commercial Lines CSR and Rotary Program Administrator
Phone: 519-863-2014
Fax: 519-863-2015