Posted by John Burns, District 7070 Governor , 2023-24

In his April 2024 Newsletter, District 7070 Governor John Burns, Agent 7070, reminds us that April is Environmental Month and urges us to take action and make an impact in out communities, such as the 2024 Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. He thanks Bob Wallace on learning Tuesdays Rotary Foundation program, and Johanna deBoer on the International Women's day event in the Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College. Our District Governor reminds us of many events coming up in April:  Learning Tuesdays  "Rotary - What's In a Name", Rotary Leadership Institute, the District 7070 Environmental Symposium, and Bowmanville's 100th Anniversary, and the District Assembly (on June 1). Please plan now............

Dear fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and Earlyactors,  !!. 

April is Environmental month in Rotary.

We should of course, always be conscious of our actions and how they impact the environment.

During this month we should all go that extra mile and take action to make an impact on the environment in our own communities.

Some clubs will be planting trees, while others take on the task of cleaning up their neighbourhood .

For a number of years now many of our clubs have been joining in ‘GREAT LAKES WATERSHED CLEANUP.

·  The 4th Annual Rotary ‘GREAT LAKES WATERSHED CLEANUP’ is less than 30 days away

·  Our suggested date is Saturday April 27, but we understand some Clubs plan for different dates.

Every little bit helps, so get out there, clean up and enjoy the fellowship.


A big thank you to Bob Wallace for organizing the Learning Tuesday zoom session with Chris Etienne on the subject of The Rotary Foundation.


Also thank you to Johanna De Boer and the ladies from D7070 who put on an excellent presentation on International Women’s day.


Upcoming Events

While I realize that most of us cannot attend every event, I encourage you to register for those which you would like to attend.

Learning Tuesday – April 16th ("ROTARY - What's in a Name", led by Rotary Public Image Coordinators for Zone 28 and 32, Mary Lou Harrison and Laura Spear)

Rotary Leadership Institute – April 20th

Environmental Symposium – April 24th (Live from Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College. Also available on line)

Bowmanville Rotary Club – April 27th (100 year celebrations)

To Purchase tickets :



District Assembly – June 1st (Centennial College)


Yours in Rotary


John Burns
Special agent 7070

John Burns   District 7070 Governor, 2023-24