We are a new Rotaract club in the district. We are an e-club that spans over the entire district 7070. We’ve approached you today to let you know we are actively recruiting future Rotaractors. So if you know any individuals who might be interested feel free to get them to sign up using our sign-up sheet in our bio or by emailing us directly. We are looking forward to learning more and creating a partnership with your club. Feel free to reach us at rotaract7070eclub@gmail.com If interested. 

Our goals:

- To give Rotaractors a home after they graduate from a university-based Rotaract club

- To address service area gaps in Rotaract programs

- To foster and grow Rotaract in the District

- To be a central club that allows for tracking numbers and coordinating large-scale events like the Rotaract District Conference

-  To be an access point between Rotaract and Rotary Clubs

- To be an inclusive space that builds goodwill and better friendships

- To foster Rotarians of the future

- To be a fun club where young professionals and university students get to network, and develop under rotary.   

We look for your support in making this a reality. 

Additionally below is our Linktree containing our social media and Sign-up Sheet, please circulate it to your club and networks. 


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