Posted by Jim Erickson of the Rotary Club of Superstition Mountain

How many of you, in District 7070 have logged into MyRotary on the Rotary International website?

Fewer than you think? Why not?

So what would seem to be the problem? I suspect the members that have not used MyRotary either do not know how to use the site, or they don’t care to use the site. In other words, they see no benefit to MyRotary. ..... Read more to find out what Jim Erickson of the Rotary Club of Superstition Mountain has to say.......

Located on the Rotary International website is a short 3 part video course entitled "Learn Rotary – The New" You can find this material at

The third video in this course is entitled “My Rotary Video Tour.” The video, which runs about 11 minutes, does a very nice job of explaining MyRotary, how the site works, the information that can be found on the site, and most importantly, how to log into MyRotary if you have never done so. You can even go back and watch how to log in more than once if the pace of the video is too fast for you! It would behoove all of our members to watch this video and then establish an account at MyRotary.

Who knows, we might even collectively become more knowledgeable about Rotary.

Once you have established an account at MyRotary you’ll be able to create your own personal profile. You’ll find a quick club snapshot and you will be able to access Rotary Club Central and view your club’s goals. Look these goals over. You might learn something you didn’t know about your club, as you will see information on membership trends, gender trends, and age trends. You’ll see information about goals, engagement, communication, and public relations. You will be able to view your giving history, and finally, if you so choose, you’ll be able to make donations to The Rotary Foundation.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE! You will also find featured links that will provide useful and interesting information. On the top menu bar you’ll see where you can exchange ideas, take action, find learning and reference material, find management tools for club administration, find information about TRF, find RI news and information, and access various online tools. Do you know what TRF is? I hope so, but if not it is The Rotary Foundation.

So what is stopping you? Click on the link above (or type it into your browser) and get started on MyRotary.


Thank you to Jim Erickson of the Rotary Club of Superstition Mountain for these encouraging words.