Posted by Dave Robinet & Mike Lattner, Rotary Club of Wellington

Dave Robinet, President of the Rotary Club of Wellington has announced to the District 7070 Clubs that their club has worked with Lacey Estates Winery (  and together, they have announced a 2018 Rotary Wine a Vidal Reisling which is now available. All proceeds are in support of the New Prince Edward Hospital Building Fund. Your club can help.  There's more.......


In 2016, Wellington vintner, David Gillingham had an idea. His vision was for the Rotary Club of Wellington to produce wine from locally grown grapes to sell to the public, with all the profits going to local Rotary initiatives.  Wellington Rotary’s Past President, Mike Lattner, picked up the idea and lead a team to raise money for construction of a new Prince Edward County Hospital.

In 2018, Michael presented the idea to the club and in turn contacted two local wineries, who agreed to take on the project. Both wineries agreed and in no time the project was underway. 

Rotary Club of Wellington Past President Brian McGowan donated all the Vidal & Riesling white grapes from his own vineyards.  Red grapes were purchased from other local vineyards here in the county.  All the grapes were handpicked by members of the Rotary Club of Wellington assisted by friends and family.

The white wine was produced by Lacey Estates which is co-owned by Charles Lacey, a Wellington Rotarian.  The red blend will be produced by Domaine Darius, owned by David Gillingham. Both wineries are located within Prince Edward County. Each of the wineries agreed to produce the wines, sell it exclusively from their facilities. and in turn give all profits to the Rotary Club of Wellington’s new new Prince Edward County Hospital project.

The white wine was launched in May of 2019 with a production of approximately 600 bottles and sells for $22.00.  At the time of this writing, there are about 300 bottles left to sell.  The red wine will be launched in April 2020 by Domain Darius and will sell for about $30.00 per bottle.  The Rotary Club of Wellington will net approximately $25,000, all of which will go to the new Prince Edward County Hospital project.

This is a unique opportunity to support Rotary initiatives and to enjoy splendid wine. You can purchase the Vidal/Riesling blend by visiting Lacey Estates, located on Closson Road, near Wellington, or by ordering it online,

This is a dedication to Past President and three-time Paul Harris recipient, Brian McGowan.  Brian passed away suddenly on the 20th of September, 3 days before what would have been his 68th birthday.  He will be greatly missed by family, friends and his Rotary family.