Posted by PDG Lars Henriksson, Chair, District Visioning Committee

For over ten years, District 7070 has offered Clubs assistance with their strategic planning through the Club Visioning program developed by IVFC, International Vision Facilitation Council.  IVFC, founded in District 5960, consists of experienced Rotarians in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Scandinavia.  Looking back, close to 40 Clubs in D7070 have run at least one session, many two or three.  Overall, the program was well received.

Over the last year, a committee of IVFC has met regularly to review and update the program based on experience from around the world.  The process is now closer connected with RI’s Strategic Plan.  In addition, more focus is placed on developing the Action Plan as a result of the visioning session.  The experience from most districts using the program was that Clubs were very good at generating ideas at the sessions, but often had problems creating the action plan.  A virtual version of the program has also been developed. 

The virtual Club Visioning Program will be launched officially on July 1, 2021.   Therefore, we are looking for Rotarians who would be interested in being part of the teams delivering the program.  Two training session will be held on-line, Saturday February 13, 2021 and Saturday, March 13, 2021.  The training will cover the various functions for the team delivering a virtual Club Visioning session.  The experience gained at these training sessions will also be of value for operating any in-person visioning sessions.   We are also interested in finding Clubs that would be interested in running pilot sessions.

Anyone interested in learning more about the program and attending the training is welcome to contact PDG Lars Henriksson, who is a member of the international committee developing the new program.  Lars can be reached at email or cell 416 402 6093.