The People of Action campaign helps you bring Rotary’s story to life by showing Rotary members as the people of action we are. Telling our People of Action stories in a meaningful, coordinated way builds the public’s understanding of who we are and what we do. It highlights the impact we make in our communities and around the world. Learn how to tell your People of Action story and help answer the question, “What is Rotary?”

When someone asks you about Rotary, how do you respond?

Our new People of Action public image campaign aims to help you answer that question quickly and effectively.

People of Action highlights how Rotarians share a unique perspective and passion for taking action, seeing hope in the face of challenges. Where others see problems, our members find solutions and mobilize their communities to bring ideas to life.

Through this campaign, every Rotary club — large and small, new and old — will be able to easily and effectively tell its story and describe its impact on the community. Clubs can craft their own People of Action stories through campaign materials such as ads and digital images. As more clubs share their stories, we’ll highlight the collective impact of Rotary around the world.


Why are we doing this?

Thanks to the efforts of Rotarians around the world and to our initiative to strengthen our global brand, the percentage of people who report in surveys that they are aware of Rotary has increased from 60 percent in 2012 to 75 percent in 2015.

But we still have work to do. Our recent global research tells us that while people are more aware of who we are, the public still doesn’t clearly understand what we do. In fact, worldwide, 35 percent of survey respondents admit they are not certain what Rotary does and what our main goals are.


What can you do?

As a Rotary leader, you are a Rotary brand ambassador. We are counting on you to help us deliver our story with energy and credibility, and tell your stories of being people of action in your community.


Log in to myrotary and go to and download the People of Action campaign ads and materials