Chris Snyder, from the Rotary Club of Toronto, and founder of Rotary Honouring Indigenous Peoples, recently was a guest on a "Talking Rotary" podcast - A Life of Volunteering. Two Rotarians from Winnipeg,  Peter Tonge and Mandy Kwasnica have created a podcast with Rotarians to spread info about their Rotary activities to other Rotarians and others. John Currie, Executive Director  of Rotary HIP (who is also President of the Rotary Club of Pickering) and Chris have each been interviewed about HIP and Chris on his Rotary sweat equity trips (some of you may have been on one of them).

They are offering Chris' book Creating Opportunities: A Volunteer's Memoir to readers. $10 from each online book purchase will go the Rotary International Foundation. Much of the book is about Rotary. The book is the same as this year's Rotary theme. People have found this book very useful as an inspirational book, as a recruiting tool, a speakers' gift and to anyone who wants to explore opportunities of service within Rotary or as a volunteer.

You can listen using the link:

Chris' book link: