Posted by Valarie Wafer, Director, Rotary International

I want to personally thank you for registering for the Zones 28 & 32 Online Summit! We were so fortunate to have been able to see great presentations from a variety of Rotary's senior leaders.  Friday's panel on innovation at our clubs covered a wide range of new ideas to increase membership & engagement! The Online Summit was one of those innovations - it was our opportunity to provide a program to our entire membership previously available only to district leaders.  How did we do?  We've created a very brief survey that we respectfully ask you complete to help us evaluate the program, and how we develop future Zone education opportunities.  Would you please take just a minute or two of your time by CLICKING HERE and providing your feedback?.......

If you weren't able to attend all or part of the Online Summit, we recorded each day's program.  You can click on each link below to view that day's recording:




We were closely following the "chat box" during each evening's plenary. There were frequent requests for links to the videos that were shown, to the slide decks from some of our presenters, and to additional materials like the Rotary International 5-year financial forecast, a message from Foundation Trustee Aziz Memon from Pakistan, and a greeting from Rotary International President Holger Knaack.  All of these links can be found on the left menu when you click on THIS PAGE.


What's Next?

2021 Zone Symposium chair Drew Kessler (left) unveiled a special series of "Director Dialogues" that I am pleased to be hosting in the coming months.  The debut event is scheduled for November 12th with Past Rotary International President Ian Riseley and will focus on our newest "area of focus," the environment.  CLICK HERE for details and updated information.

On behalf of Zone 28-32 Trainer Marty Helman and entire Online Summit production team, thank you for your support of this inaugural event.  We sincerely appreciate your attendance, and your completing this survey.

Valarie Wafer

Rotary International 2020-2022 Director