Posted by Valrie Wafer, Director , Rotary International

Dear Rotarains, Rotaractors and the whole Rotary family in District 7070,

It is a new year. A year that has been much anticipated, perhaps more so than any other year in our lives. 2021; we have been looking forward to this since March. 

Although it is a new calendar year, it is only the midpoint of our Rotary year. We have accomplished much despite the pandemic. With the advances in technology over the past ten months, communication and staying connected seems to be almost on par with in-person meetings in terms of its connectivity, graphics, inclusive innovation and much more. However, I know you join me in looking forward to the day when we don’t have to say, “you’re on mute” !!!

To the Club Presidents and District Leadership Teams - Your leadership has been inspirational! .........

In conversation with many of you, I have heard many say that they have accomplished much in the past six months.  With six months to go, I know many of you will continue to embrace “our current normal” and lead to inspire your community and Rotarians. I have had the pleasure to induct new Rotarians, welcome back those who left and celebrate new club charters, Rotaract charters and Satellite Clubs.  We celebrated the Holiday season together with concerts, service at the food bank, delivery of food hampers and providing shelter from the cold.  We are People of Action.

 We have travelled the globe on Zoom and realized the Rotary world is accessible and that our reach is far.  Let’s not lose the momentum.  The year 2021 will bring promise and opportunities to serve.

The pandemic has caused upheaval around the globe in the areas we take the most pride in: education, water, sanitation projects, and maternal health just to name a few. In 2021 we must dig deeper, create a bigger effort and work harder than ever before to ensure the programs and initiatives that Rotarians create and support around the world are able to continue to change our world for the better. The world depends on Rotary at the best of times but today, more than ever. 

The year 2020 will go down in history for all it’s good and bad.  It was a time of reset and a time to realize what we value; kindness to others, compassion and service.  Our Core Values; Service, Fellowship (physically distant), Diversity, Integrity and Leadership which will never change and certainly helps us navigate our every day lives.

I look forward to 2021 and the opportunities ahead of us.  On that note, on behalf of Mark and I, we wish each of you a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021. 

Yours In Rotary,


Valarie Wafer

RI Director

Rotary Club of Collingwood, South Georgian Bay