Posted by Lars Henriksson, Past District Governor and Cahir of the Rotary Foundation District 7070 Grants Committee

There Is Still Room!!!  Rotary Foundation Seminar on Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 8.30 am – 11.00 am  (previously scheduled for April 17, 2021)

Click HERE to register today. The objective of this Rotary Foundation Seminar is to provide an overview of the Rotary Foundation and give the participants suggestions and guidelines for writing District and Global Grant project applications.

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, the District Foundation Committee is presenting an on-line Seminar about the Rotary Foundation and its Grants Program (Global and District Grants).  The Seminar consists of two sessions, starting at 8.30 am There is a 15 minutes break between the two halves.  We plan to finish by 11.00 am. The Seminar is not an alternative to the District’s Qualification process.  Instead, it can be seen as a compliment to the three training Modules that are found on   However, those attending the Seminar should find it easier to successfully complete the three Quizzes that are required for the Qualification process.  he first half of the program will provide a general overview of the Rotary Foundation; its mission, funds, ways of supporting the Foundation, the Foundation’s organization and programs.  The second half after the break will cover the Grants program and include case presentations of Global and District Grant projects from the District.  Registration can be done on the District’s website,   The event will be recorded and posted on the District’s website........

The program will consist of two segments. The first half will include presentations of the history, mission, and governance of the Foundation, including how Rotarians can donate and support the Foundation. The second half will concentrate on how Rotarians and Rotary Clubs can access funds (grants) from the Rotary Foundation. Two Global Grant projects and two District Grant projects will be presented by the authors of the applications for those projects.

Part 1 The Rotary Foundation

  • Mission, History, Governance, Relationship Rotary – Rotary Foundation (Bob Wallace)
  • Foundation Funds (Annual, PolioPlus, Endowment Fund), How to Donate, Donor Recognition (Ted Morrison, Bob Scott)
  • Programs: Grants, Rotary Peace Centres, Polio Plus (Lars Henriksson, Bob Scott)

Part 2 How Can We Access Rotary Foundation Funds?

  • Requirements (Lars Henriksson)
  • District vs. Global Grants (Lars Henriksson)
  • Case Presentations
  • Global Grants
  • Hospital in Beirut Global Grant project (Steve Rutledge)
  • Africa Rotary Community Mediation Project (Carole Rowsell)
  • District Grants
  • Durham Region Kids’ Safety Village (Lennis Trotter)
  • Ongutoi Health Centre. Water Collection for Sustainability (Richard Mewhinney)

Please, note that participation in this seminar will not automatically result in Rotarians/Clubs becoming qualified.
However, attending the seminar should make it easier to follow the three training modules and answer the quizzes
required for qualification.