Posted by Mark Chipman, District 7070 Governor


To meet our challenge from our District Governor Marck Chipman, we are going to feature ONE "My Favourite Rotary Moment" every month. It could be YOUR "Favourite Rotary Moment". Let's go Rotarians and Rotaractors in District 7070 !! Let's meet the challenge. 

Who has the FIRST "My Favourite Rotary Moment" ? Please Read more....

Here is a note from our District Governor Mark Chipman  and here is all you have to do :

I challenge each of you and your members to submit your favourite moment and have it posted on Rotary 7070 social media.  

Please email a photo along with the following text to

ROTARIAN: (your name)
MEMBER SINCE: (year you joined Rotary)
A FAVOURITE ROTARY MOMENT: (brief outline of your moment…just a couple of sentences)
PERSONAL OUTCOME: (why this was a highlight to you. Ex: how did it make you feel, what positive outcome came from this.)

Let’s tell the world what we love about Rotary and why we are Rotarians! 

DG Mark




A favourite Rotary Moment from our District Governor Mark Chipman about Rotary's International Service Work.

MEMBER SINCE: 2006,  Whitby Sunrise Rotary Club  , 2020-21 District Governor

A FAVOURITE ROTARY MOMENT: My favourite Rotary moment came early in my Rotary journey when I attended my first Whitby Sunrise meeting (best invitation I ever accepted—thank you Kendra Edwards-Wilson

!). At this particular meeting, members spoke of their various projects in the Dominican Republic. As someone with a keen interest in travel and international work I was awestruck and knew I had to be a part of this amazing group of people. Here was an opportunity to get involved in international projects!

PERSONAL OUTCOME: Joining Rotary provided me with a channel to engage in international work. I have been fortunate to have travelled to Laos, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic to participate in humanitarian projects lead by inspirational Rotarians Steve Rutledge and Bob Jarvest.

Trips to the Dominican afforded me the opportunity to help with food drives and set up water filtration kits. Our connection with the Dominican continues each year as we help provide hot meals to a seniors residence, support students to complete their education, and supply hygiene kits for girls to ensure they don’t miss school. Without Rotary these opportunities to make a difference along with the many personal benefits I have realized may have never come my way!