Posted by Michael Angelo Caruso, Rotary Zone 28 East Public Image Coordinator

Michael Angelo Caruso, our Rotary Zone 28 East Public Image Coordinator has created this Facebook group to help the best service organization get even better at marketing and the art of public image. JOIN TODAY.

The ideas that you see will help you get more visitors, populate your events and raise more money for your club Feel free to ask questions and share ideas.......

If you share an idea for sharpening your club's public image, please share enough so that others can recreate your success. No self-promotion, advertising or run-of-the-mill announcements in this group.

This is NOT a "bulletin board" page. 

We're focused on developing and sharing specific strategies--not blanket "asks," thanks.

Finally, success is measurable. Share numbers, e.g., "500 people attended" or "we raised $11,000" rather than just "it was a great event.

Check out the "files" by Michael Angelo Caruso..... excellent resources and tips for your club..... 









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