Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a top priority for Rotary International, one that underscores the core values that are a foundation for how members interact with each other and their communities. Over the last two years, the RI Board of Directors have taken steps to cement Rotary's commitment to being an organization that sets the standard for valuing and living the principals of DEI. In 2019 the Board adopted Rotary's DEI statement that affirms its commitment to DEI and recognizes that welcoming people with differing perspectives and ideas enhances Rotary's ability to create lasting change in communities worldwide. In 2020, the Board convened a task force , chaired by RI Director Valarie Wafer, that will shape a comprehensive DEI action plan with achievable, measurable, and meaningful outcomes for Rotary. Rotary has engaged professional advisors to help us assess and better understand how DEI is perceived and experienced by Rotary members across the globe. As part of this process, we will review our policies and procedures, conduct interviews with Rotary leadership, and survey our members. Learn more