The Rotary Club of Toronto (“RCT”) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and of course this also marks 100 years of Rotary in the Province of Ontario. The celebrations for this momentous landmark were officially launched in July of 2012 and will continue through to June 2013.


The club has planned a wide range of special events and projects which are spread across the year, and range from philanthropic activities to celebratory gatherings, all of which are designed to celebrate its achievements – and also to raise the profile of Rotary in the community at large. The following list summarizes these activities; 

»         Almost every month, The Rotary Club of Toronto will be holding a special cheque presentation lunch at which $100,000 will be given to a project selected by one of its philanthropic committees and Rotaract Clubs (exceeding $1 million in total). Each of these lunches will also feature a high profile keynote speaker who will address the issues surrounding the community needs in that area. Each of these areas is one in which Rotary has focused its attention globally and the lunches are designed to raise the profile of these efforts in the community.


»         The first such lunch was held on June 1st, 2012 and was conducted in partnership with the Toronto Argonauts. At the lunch, Souleik Kheyre was announced as the first annual recipient of the Rotary Club of Toronto and Toronto Argonauts Community Champion Scholarship.  On July 18th, this project will be launched at the Argonauts home game. Amongst the opportunities planned for the day are discounted tickets for Rotarians and an on the field celebration with the team for 100 lucky district Rotarians.  The Argos are declaring July 18th “Rotary Day”.


»         On November 23rd , the RCT will be holding a “Founders Lunch” at the King Edward Hotel, site of the first meeting of the Club on November 21, 1912.  Due to space constraints of the venue, attendance at this lunch will be by invitation only; invitations will be sent to clubs sponsored by the RCT, District 7070 Presidents and officers.


 »         It has been agreed with City Hall that the week of February 23rd to March 1st , 2013 will be declared “Rotary Week” in Toronto. This, of course, coincides with Rotary International's birthday. A ceremony will be held at city hall to raise the Rotary flag and the week will be dedicated to raising the profile of Rotary in the community.


»         Rotary week will culminate in a visit from the President of Rotary International for 2012-2013, Mr. Sakuji Tanaka on March 1st 2013.  Mr. Tanaka will be visiting RCT centennial projects, making the keynote address at the regular Friday luncheon and will also be the guest of honour at a special cocktail event at the Royal York Hotel that evening.  Once again, the day’s events are designed to raise the profile of Rotary in the community but also to allow maximum exposure for District 7070 Rotarians with the President of Rotary.


»         The RCT has planned some special events for the District 7070 conference in Richmond Hill October 19th-21st.


»         The year of centennial celebrations will draw to a close with the largest celebration of all.  On May 23rd the RCT will be holding a Rotary gala event at the Fairmont Royal York. More details of this event will be announced nearer to the date. "We hope that many Rotarians will join us!" says 2012-13 President Neil Philips. 


The Rotary Club of Toronto will continue its philanthropic work around Toronto, in Canada, and internationally during the year but it will also be making a special effort at raising awareness with the public in general re all the great works of Rotary. To this end, members of the club have been working on a public relations plan which includes media materials and coverage for all high profile events.

Rotary Club of Toronto President Neil Philips and Past President Sandy Boucher are hoping that their club’s centennial celebrations will help raise the profile of Rotary in Ontario and to re-establish our organization in the public eye as the first choice for people interested in giving back to their community and making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

“Members of the Rotary Club of Toronto,” says President Neil “want to find ways that all District 7070 Rotarians can get involved in the year’s celebrations. We also want to find ways in which we can maximise the community impact of the year, especially during Rotary Week.”

Rotarians throughout the District and beyond are invited to be part of the Rotary Club of the Toronto’s centennial celebrations and the celebration of Rotary in Ontario. “We would love to hear from you about ways in which you would like to be involved and also ideas for how we can maximise Rotary profile,” says Past President Sandy. Club Presidents who would like to take advantage of this District involvement opportunity, can email President Neil at or call him at 905-670-6778. Rotarians may also call the club office at (416) 363-0604 and asked to be added to the contact list for the Centennial celebrations.

Happy, Happy 100th Birthday!