DID YOU miss the second 'Tuesday Talks' on August 11 from 7 - 8 PM with Nicole Beatty talking about "Fundraisers Are Influencers With A Cause - How to Stay Relevant In The Time of COVID-19".?  HERE IS THE RECORDING. 


Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years.  This form of engagement is more than prestige, advertising and brand endorsement.  It’s about storytelling, community building and connecting with people in a meaningful way.  In the non-profit and charitable sector community influencers are all around us: frontline workers, donors, board members, volunteers and yes, fundraisers. If you’re like me you love what you do and you want to influence positive change in the world around you.  You’re an ambassador for a cause you believe in.  You’re a storyteller that inspires giving.  You’re a relationship manager that connects people with philanthropy. You’re an influencer with a cause.  And in the wake of COVID-19, your efforts and passion have never been more important.

We will review influencer trends and how they’re elevating community engagement for non-profits and charities during the COVID-19 pandemic; learn how to integrate engagement marketing into our fundraising practice; and discuss how to influence positive change in the world around you during this unprecedented time. To learn all about Nicole, please Read more.....


Nicole Beatty is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) who has raised over $30 million for causes worldwide and co-founded four charities and two social enterprises.  Nicole has been consulting for more than a decade, specializing in capacity building, operational planning, project management, coaching, and development services for non-profit organizations, social enterprises and other community-minded businesses.  In 2018, Nicole was elected municipal Councillor for her hometown, Cobourg, Ontario, and appointed the Planning and Heritage portfolio. Nicole is an avid reader and writer, a social justice advocate, and loves outdoor adventures, yoga and bicycles.  Nicole earned her BA Hons from the University of Ottawa and received a post-graduate certificate from Ryerson University.

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