Posted by Dr Bob Scott, Chair Emeritus, Rotary International PolioPlus Committee

To my fellow Rotary and Rotaract family, here in District 7070

Great news, at the recent meeting of 7070 district Foundation meeting, it was reported that all 55 out of our 55 clubs have submitted goals in MyRotary for polio eradication for a total of $ 62,000!

So far, 16 clubs have surpassed their goal for polio eradication, 15 have not donated anything YTD, and 15 are still working on their goal of at least $1,500 USD as a minimum (as per Rotary International request).  As we near the half-way point in the Rotary year, let’s strive to meet these goals.  For those clubs that have surpassed their goal – thank you!  Perhaps there is an opportunity to donate a bit more!


The request by the board of Rotary International and the Foundation board of trustees is that every club to donate $1,500 USD ($1,921CAD) as a minimum.

Remember that for every dollar donated the Gates foundation will match 2 to one so $1,500 dollars becomes $4,500 dollars........

If you need support or would like someone to come to your club to speak about polio eradication or other Foundation topics, please contact me!

(Note: Dr Bob Scott can be reached at ) 

Here is an interesting article about polio to share with your club members:

Drive against polio begins as Covid  cases cross 500,000 mark

  • 285,000 workers to vaccinate 40m children against polio

  • Strict health protocols to be observed

  • NCOC reports over 2,800 single day cases, 46 deaths

These are the headlines in Dawn, the Pakistan daily English newspaper, today January 11th, 2021.

They remind us that despite the 2800 Covid 19 reported cases the eradication program of polio must continue.

Initially the polio program was paused at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic except for surveillance.

However, vaccination has been restarted under as the headline states strict protocols and in August the African continent was certified polio free a tremendous accomplishment. Thirdly a new vaccine has now been introduced.

In my view, Rotarians have the moral duty to support these brave vaccinators so that they have adequate protection and sufficient polio vaccine. 

Rotarians of District 7070 historically since 1987-88 have been extremely generous donors every year often leading and showing the way.

Remember, members need not wait for the club. YOU can donate individually and receive the same match. Rotary International’s goal is $ 45USD from each Rotarian. This can be done through Rotary Direct.

Remember that every child vaccinated is a child who will not spend the rest of his/her life as a cripple.

Remember, we are 99% of the way and with your help we can reach 100%

Remember, Rotarians promised the children of the world to continue until eradication is achieved.

Bob Scott

Chair Emeritus, Rotary International PolioPlus Committee