Rotary International is always searching for strategies to renew and energize our Rotary Clubs. The best way to attract and retain members is to have a strong and vigorous Rotary Club, whose members are knee deep in exciting service in the community and beyond. But how can we bring new life and direction to our Clubs?

Rotary International recently introduced the new Club Leadership Plan, based on the best practices of successful clubs. The plan calls for a simplified board and administrative structure. The plan also encourages clubs to develop long-range goals and annual objectives to support them.

The leadership in District 7070 has developed an effective format for guiding a Rotary Club through strategic planning and renewal.

Our model is called Visioning. The model involves: 1) developing a core District training team, 2) holding individual "Vision Facilitation" sessions with individual Rotary Clubs, one at a time, and 3) assuring regular follow up after the initial Vision session. Too often Clubs operate in a reactive fashion, without clear long terms goals, and this' Visioning 'process is designed to help Clubs more clearly identify long term priorities.

Rotary Clubs that have participated in this strategic planning and re-visioning process typically show a clearer Club vision -- a sense of mission and purpose as a Club - and a revitalization of members' involvement in the Club.

The District 7070 Vision team now invites you to schedule an evening for strategic planning for your Club. Clubs wishing to participate will need to select 20 club members, including a mixture of current leaders, experienced Rotarians, and newer members. We will identify a date, and schedule an evening to be led by three of our District facilitators. The evening begins with a meal together for all participants, followed by 3 hours of discussion and planning exercises. Interested Clubs may contact Lars Henriksson, our District 7070 Club Visioning Chair  at