Posted by Deb Murray, Past Chair, District Rotary Youth Exchange Committee, Current District 7070 Secretary - Technology

Here we are in this exciting transition back to a new normal.  It’s an opportunity exploding with optimistic enthusiasm. Rotary International has given districts around the world the green light to reinstate the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) programs.  District 7070 is committed to RYE long term program.  As our district embraces this decision, we are reaching out to clubs to embrace and commit too. Our clubs are the cornerstone of the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  It all starts with YOU! .......

If your club is a seasoned participator in the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program, we enthusiastically look forward to your renewed participation.  The value you’ve delivered in the past will resonate with you in these stories…the pandemic responder, the globetrotting reporter, the intercultural entrepreneur. If your club is considering RYE, click the story link and have a read to see the value RYE gives.

If your Club is ready to commit to RYE, here’s what you need to do:

Register your confirmation of participation by clicking here – the deadline to confirm your participation is September 30th 2021

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need.

Each RYE committed Club provides the following:

1)     A dedication to identify an outbound student (recruiting processes provided) by November 30th 2020

2)     A dedication to hosting an inbound international student between August 2022 and June 2023

3)     A RYE Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) – this is the person in your club who will act as the main RYE administrator and district liaison.

4)     A RYE Counselor – this is the person in your club who serves as the student’s primary Rotary contact.  (Read page 16 of the Youth Exchange Handbook)

5)     A minimum of two to a maximum of four confirmed host families to host your inbound student.

6)     Approximately $2000 of budget to support outbound student activities and $4000 for inbound student activities. 

7)     Your identified YEO and Counselor agree to attend a RYE process orientation meeting on October 6th (via zoom)

It’s a big commitment but the results are even bigger - you’ve got this!  World Peace - one exchange at a time. 

Still wanting to explore?  Click here to learn more about RYE, read the attached RYE handbook or contact our RYE Chair, PDG Beth Selby at

Thank you!

On behalf of your District 7070 RYE Committee

Deb Murray

Rotary Club of Trenton

RYE Committee - Past Chair

District Secretary - Technology