Posted by Past District Governor. Lars Henriksson, District 7070 Grants Chair

May 31, 2023 was the deadline for Clubs to apply for a District Grant for the 2023-24 Rotary year.  The application must be made on the application form found on the District’s website,

One requirement for Clubs that want to apply for a District or Global Grant is that they must be qualified.  The qualification is valid for one year; a rule set by The Rotary Foundation.  The process is quite simple.  To become qualified, Clubs must

  • have at least two of its members take the online training and/or attend a District-run grant seminars such as the one held on November 19, 2022, and

  • submit an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to the District, signed by the Club President and President-Elect.


We hope you had the opportuinty to access to the two training modules incl. related quizzes, the MOU form and the District Grant Project Application form can be found by using the following link


For more information and questions, please contact District Foundation Grant Sub-Committee Chair PDG Lars Henriksson,