New and different club models will attract diverse leaders to Rotary. Rotary clubs continue to demonstrate their value by staying connected to members and responding to changing needs in the community. Read about clubs around the world who are finding ways to adapt to new challenges and meeting onlineUse these resources to increase your club's value:......

Use these resources to increase your club's value:

Not sure where to start? Our Club Planning Assistant can help.

Assess and adapt

Use these resources to see if your club is meeting members' needs and reflecting the community:

Engage current members

Use these resources to learn strategies that will keep members involved:

  • Best Practices for Engaging Members — Take this Learning Center course to develop strategies for engaging people at all stages of membership.
  • Improving Your Member Retention — Learn when and why members leave your club and generate strategies to keep them engaged.
  • Connect for Good — Encourage members to get involved in their club, community, and the Rotary world for a more meaningful experience.
  • Understanding Why Members Leave — Use this exit survey to address the reasons that members may be leaving your club.
  • Club Innovation Stories (audio recordings) — A series of recorded stories highlighting the innovative work being done by clubs all around the world.
  • Recognize members for their dedication and service to the club, community and to our organization.
  • Connect members with opportunities to develop their professional skills and expand their networks.
  • Club Programming Vimeo Channel – Use these videos from recent Rotary events to supplement your club meetings. Videos range from 10-25 minutes.

Connect with prospective members

Use the strategies and ideas in these resources to connect with potential members:

Make new members feel welcome

Use these resources to celebrate new members, develop an orientation program, and get them involved early and often.

  • Welcome to Rotary — Share this inspiring video with new members when they join.
  • Kick-start Your New Member Orientation — This Learning Center course shows how to make your club's new members feel welcome, appreciated, and valued.
  • Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide — Find ideas for engaging new members, getting them involved, and giving them a meaningful Rotary experience.
  • Rotary Basics — Give this comprehensive overview of Rotary to new members or order it for club reference. Alternatively, send new members a link to the Rotary Basics online course.
  • Connect for Good — Encourage members to get involved in their club, community, and the Rotary world for a more meaningful experience.
  • New Member Welcome Kit — Order a welcome kit from your local, licensed Rotary vendor or put one together using the resources in this section.
  • Rotary membership certificate — Customize a certificate for your new members and present it to them when you officially welcome them to your club.

Create an inclusive club culture

  • Creating an Inclusive Club Culture — Take this Learning Center course to learn about actions your club can take to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable.
  • Microaggressions — Take this course to understand the impact of microaggressions and how to respond to them in ways that uphold Rotary’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Practice Responding to Microaggressions — Use this resource for different techniques that can be used when experiencing a microaggression.
  • Microaggressions: Offering a Meaningful Apology — This resource offers things to consider, do, and avoid when apologizing for a microaggression.
  • Diversify your club — Take this Learning Center course to learn strategies for expanding your reach and building relationships with new groups.
  • Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — This Learning Center course will help you learn more about Rotary's DEI statement, what DEI means, and how you can put it into practice to create positive experiences.

Strengthen your club

Find ideas for planning and strengthening your club in these resources:

Start a new club

Find ideas for starting a club in these resources:

  • Starting a Rotary Club — Learn what you need to do to form a club.
  • Starting a club – This Learning Center course walks you through the process of starting a new club, whether it's a Rotary, Rotaract, or satellite club.
  • Rotary Club Models — All clubs share similar values and a passion for service, but no two clubs are the same because each community has its own unique needs. Learn about different club models that will attract new audiences in your region.
  • Guide to Satellite Clubs — Understand the benefits a satellite club can have and the steps for starting one.
  • Guide to Passport Clubs — Learn how clubs can operate in a way the gives their members freedom to attend other club meetings and events and fulfill their own club obligations through service efforts.
  • Nurturing new clubs – This Learning Center course is for new club supporters and covers ways each role can help a new club grow and thrive.

Learn more about starting a club.