Nilam Bedi, Chair, of the District 7070 Areas of Focus Environment Committee noted that clubs in our District get it. Last year 4 clubs had Environment Committees. This year we have 26 clubs with Environment Committees. He welcomed our keynote speaker,  Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Founder and President, Global Footprint Network. Dr. Wackernagel is an internationally recognized authority on developing metrics for ecological sustainability who published extensively and won numerous award for his work.  

Title:   Supporting the Environment: Are we committed to our own success?    To see the video, Please Read more.....

The future has never been more predictable than today. We know that people will want to eat, sleep, be safely sheltered, and move around. They will also live in a world with more extreme weather and climate change, as well as fewer ecological resources. 
We already have a massive overshoot of our demands upon the planet relative to what it can sustain. Dialing back this overshoot, even if we do it ultra-fast, will not be a quick-fix for the extreme weather and fewer ecological resources. 
What we also know for sure: humanity will get out of overshoot one way or another - the choice is merely whether it will be by design or through disaster. Therefore, communities, corporations or countries that do not prepare for this predictable future will be at a large disadvantage.
What are we waiting for?
What are our options?  
Dr. Wackernagel explored these questions and suggested how Rotarians can get involved in tackling the threats to our planet. Here is the link to the replay: