Posted by Michael Morgan, Rotary Club of Toronto

The Rotary Club of Toronto is holding a big lunch on May 11, 2023. Details will follow soon. 

Here is the big story...The Rotary Club of Toronto has joined forces with the Homes for Heroes Foundation to create a village of tiny homes in the GTA to be occupied by veterans who are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to civilian life and, as a result, are facing homelessness.

The tiny homes are 300 square foot, self-contained living units that are complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities. Occupants benefit from a caring support team that helps them re-establish dignity, and the ability to live independently once again. It is expected that the veteran’s stay in the village will last one to three years and, upon graduation, their place will be taken by another veteran also facing homelessness. The tiny homes are clustered around a central courtyard to foster a sense of community. Residents are both male and female and are expected to pay rent. 

Homes for Heroes Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity which has already built villages of this sort in Calgary and Edmonton and is in the process of doing the same in Winnipeg and Kingston. Here is their website:  Anyone interested in learning more about his endeavor should contact either June Brown ( or Michael Morgan ( )