Posted by Nick Ryall, District 7070 Chair of RADAR (Rotary Action for the Development of AIDS Responses)

For over a decade, the generous members of Rotary District 7070 have supported the Rotary Pokerwalk for HIV/AIDS, and for that I thank you. Last year, in response to the Covid-19 Crisis, the walk made two distinct pivots. The first was expanding our reach to all community health. Through that change we established 2020’s Residual Beneficiary as FeedOntario. 

The second pivot was to move the walk-a-thon online. And though we had no evidence that this would be successful, over 100 participants submitted walk videos and over $25,000 was raised. With the crisis ongoing, we are keeping the walk online once again this year and encourage all of you to submit videos either walking alone or in appropriately sized groups. Please Read more.....


Do a  Silly walk, a power walk, a riff walk…Walk sideways, walk backwards, walk on your hands…Dress up, dress down, dress in red. We want to see it all.

This year’s residual beneficiary will be the Stephen Lewis Foundation, an organization that needs no introduction. They are available ASAP, if any clubs would like to have a representative talk during a club meeting about their work as a whole or an area of their work like Grandmothers Campaign, LGBTIQ Africa Initiative/Partners in Pride, Children and Youth, etc.

Let's take a look:

Donations and Videos can be submitted via our website at throughout the months of August and September.......

I am so looking forward to seeing what creative videos we get this year. Oh, and please remember to film in landscape. Just tip that phone sideways. It makes editing so much easier.


Nick Ryall

District 7070 Chair of RADAR (Rotary Action for the Development of AIDS Responses)


Here is more info about this year's Walk:

Everyone can help - Rotarians and non-Rotarians - You sure can!

What you can do: Online Registration

Use of Funds

All money raised in the Rotary AIDS & Community Health Walk support Canadian-based charities that increase the overall health of our communities.

75% of every donation will be received by the eligible charity selected by the team or individual walking in support of that charity.

The remaining 25%, after minimal event expenses, will be received by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, our residual beneficiary for 2021.


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