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Please scroll down and see just some of the highlights of the March 2023 RAGFP Newsletter. Be sure to check out their website for even more info, and how to join.   .....

Rotary Women are Women of Peace and Women of Action

Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Rotary Action Group For Peace Chairwoman

Rotary Women are Women of Peace and Women of Action

For the 2023 International Woman’s Day and beyond, 6 International women on the Rotary Action Group for Peace Board created a one-minute video on Instagram. Each of us from Hong Kong to Turkey and Wales said, “I am a woman of peace and a woman of action in Rotary”

I am so proud of the women in Rotary, we are women of Action:

  • Taking leadership roles in our zones

  • Creating Peace Builder Clubs in your Club

  • Spreading Peace via Zoom meetings in countries where peace is needed

  • Cleaning beaches and parks 

  • Joining RAGS like our RAGFP

  • Sponsoring Rotaract Clubs 

  • Fighting Polio

  • Bringing comfort and nourishment to the unhoused and evacuees.  

Thank you, women of Rotary! Dear men of Rotary I am so proud of you too. I was invited to join the Hollywood Rotary Club right after Sylvia Whitlock removed the blocks to women joining Rotary. I watched RI President Jennifer Jones break the last glass ceiling in Rotary. I have watched and read about women being the source of new ideas, comfort and peace as I read the Rotarian.

The 2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity, which Rotary does. Equity isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.

A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every Rotary Club and Action. And it is important to understand the difference between equity and equality as in this illustration. Conversations are the key to having the right fit for all your club members. Rotarians are people for peace and action!


Building Peace in Ethiopia

PEACE is not just something Rotary Ethiopia focused on for Global Grant 2119013 - Enhancing the Capacity of Communities to Build Positive Peace Through Communication. Peace is our life, it is our families, friends, and neighbors. We have carried this peace project beyond the original objectives of the GG and infused it with our own money, time and other resources so it continues to live on like an organism.

Eco-diplomacy is literally a ground-breaking tool that the Peace Committee has mastered in building peaceful and unified communities. River cleanings in Addis Ababa, BahirDar, and

Jimma have taught us that riverine communities can be brought together through our continued presence, the interaction of coffee ceremonies, and the transfer of skills through workshops.

Selamawi (Amharic word meaning “peaceful”) is a partnership between the Peace Committee and the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design to form a Peace Center where we can promote peace through the arts – literature, poetry, music, sculpture or painting.

Rotarians in Ethiopia have linked Peace with Climate Change through our partnership with Global We, who host 25 Portals in countries around the world to bring unheard voices into the climate action agenda to reach the decision-makers. Our Portal in Addis is the only Rotary Portal out of the 25 countries.

A small Rotary team has just returned from the Somali region of Ethiopia where they are suffering the worst drought in 40 years. We distributed a Multi-Purpose Cash Payment (Food Basket only) grant to people who have been displaced due to conflict and drought. We intend to sign a tripartite agreement with the IOM and ShelterBox to continue our work there. To read more about the various ways we are building peace in Ethiopia Home - Selamawi (ሰላማዊ)


The Rotary Action Group for Peace was founded in 2012. In 2018 the concept of RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs was introduced. At the start of Covid in 2020 there were 80 RAGFP PB Clubs and no Chapters. During 2020 three Chapters were Chartered (Hong Kong, Germany, Serbia). Now in 2023 this number of RAGFP PB Clubs stands at 400, with three Chapters and two more in the pipeline. A big thank you to all our Peacebuilders for making this growth possible.


Disaster Funding Update

Your support and Peace:

Assisting those whose lives have been disrupted by disaster is a fundamental peacebuilding activity. Showing support for the victims provides them with the immediate relief that they have not been forgotten and helps provide them with a degree of inner peace. The emergency

response aspect provides shelter, a source of drinking water, and food. This is consistent with the overall Rotary Foundation approaches focused on disease prevention, clean water and sanitation, building family and strengthening community. These are all avenues to peace.

Turkiye and Syria

Each day, the news out of Turkiye and Syria grows bleaker. The depth and breadth of the devastation is unprecedented, and the living conditions unbearable with no infrastructure remaining in place. Disaster funding through the Rotary Foundation provides a degree of

immediate response as well as a longer-term focus. Your support helps survivors in these countries with immediate assistance, shelter, and disease prevention due to contaminated drinking water. Longer you’re your contributions help to rebuild families and communities.


The Rotary Disaster Fund for Ukraine was founded in 2022 following the invasion by Russia. Approximately 18 million Ukrainians (40 percent of the population) required humanitarian assistance by the end of 2022. Those needs continue as the country’s infrastructure remains under attack, leaving millions of people without basic services or drinkable water. Nearly

8 million refugees across Europe are also in need of assistance.


Flooding during the monsoon season inundated more than one third of the country, affecting more than 33 million people, destroying more than 2 million homes and displacing 8 million residents. According to UNICEF, there were an estimated 4 million children living near contaminated flood waters, putting their health at risk.


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The next Global Meeting of the RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs and Peacebuilders will be held April 4. This is a follow up to the February 7 meeting.  Register Now


The International Peace Conference will be held in Birmingham Alabama from May 4-6. In addition to the great lineup of speakers for the conference, a preconference session will be held on the afternoon of May 3. This is a session to introduce Peace Fellows to Rotarians so the two groups can begin the process of acquaintance and collaboration. Please follow the link to meet the Peace Fellows virtually. Please sign up and attend the session on May 3 to meet them in person.  Learn More