Posted by Michael Angelo Caruso, Zone 28 East Rotary Public Image Coordinator

Our most recent Director Dialogue ," Public Image : The  Musical", on  Wednesday, April 28, reached over 450 people from all over North America and beyond. Congratulations to Michael Angelo Caruso , our Zone 28 East Public image Coordinator together with the Assistant Public Image Coordinators  (including our very own, District 7070 Past District Governor, Mary Lou Harrison) who filled the musical hour production with over 30 Public Image tips to help grow your club, raise more money and get attention to Rotary. Please read more from Michael Angelo Caruso to see the recording and the Playbill  , filled with Public Image tips and resources. Please read more.....

 Public Image The Musical! was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated! The cast and crew have a gift for you whether you attended on Wednesday evening or not.

First, here are the numbers and some backstage info from this marketing event, sponsored by the Zones 28 and 32 Public Image teams:

  • 743 registrants

  • 478 attendees

  • 10 cast members

  • 20,000-ish internet impressions

  • 1 promotional graphic (thanks, Kristina Ennis!)

It was fun presenting 30 pro marketing tips, but our primary goal was to give face time to our Public Image experts and encourage you to book these marketing consultants to speak to your club, District and event committees.

Yes, the long-form video and video clips of The Musical will be posted to the Zones 28 and 32 Facebook group and the Get the Word Out Now FB group. Join if you want high-end marketing tips moving forward.  If you can't wait and want to watch the full video of the event, just CLICK HERE now!

The souvenir Playbill we promised is HERE on the Zones 28 and 32 website and it contains contact info for our speakers.

Finally, mark your calendar — we’re holding the first Zone 28 Public Image Awards on Wednesday, August 18 at 7PM EDT. Anyone can attend! Spoiler alert—our Public Image team will be interviewing the winners to learn their marketing secrets so you can replicate their success! We’ll be sharing the registration link soon….

Meanwhile… thanks for all you do to grow clubs, raise money and get attention for the greatest service organization in the world!


Michael Angelo Caruso

Rotary Public Image Coordinator, Zone 28E