Posted by Larry Whatmore, Treasurer , Rotary District 7070

Our Rotary District 7070 Treasurer, Larry Whatmore arranged , on February 9, 2023, for Rotary District 7070 Club Treasurers and executives to attend the ONCA presentation by Terry Caputo (on behalf of the District Governance Committee) . Terry's PowerPoint presentation, a recording of the presentation, and resources to assist clubs in completing the required paperwork are on the District website under "About 7070" (see "Ont. Corp. Act & Your Club" in the pull-down menu) or more specifically at the following URL: . The PowerPoint presentation and resources to assist clubs are listed in the "Files" section of the above URL. A recording of Terry's presentation has been uploaded to the District's YouTube channel.

You can link to it in the "Links" section of the above URL.  If you have any issues with the resolution of the video, you can also access the recording at this link: .

Thank you all for taking an interest in this important topic, which affects all of our provincially-incorporated clubs or foundations.  If you have any questions or would appreciate additional guidance, Terry's contact info is included in the first URL noted above. You are welcome to share this with other club leaders who might benefit from this.