As your Regional Membership Officer, I can assist you in developing and implementing membership development strategies by helping you analyze and understand membership data, create and deliver membership training sessions, and discover relevant resources and tools to meet your membership goals. Here are several key membership topics that we can discuss to help you strengthen membership in your zone, district or club:

  • Attraction and recruitment

  • Engagement and retention

  • Membership/ club flexibility

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

The best part of my role has been connecting and forming relationships within my zones. Always remember I’m here as a resource to help you navigate the world of membership......




    Club Planning Assistant - Respond to questions about your club and get links to specific resources to address your club’s challenges.

  • Rotary Club Health Check - This resource helps club leaders pinpoint opportunities for growth and prescribes resources to help remedy problem areas.

  • Membership Assessment Tools - Learn how to evaluate and improve your membership development plan with these tools, complete with sample surveys and information on organizing new clubs, recruiting and retaining members.

    • Diversifying Your Club (member diversity assessment)

    • Improving Your Member Retention (retention assessment)

    • Enhancing the Club Experience (member satisfaction survey)

    • Understanding Why Members Leave (exit survey)




Introducing New Members to Rotary - Utilize this guide to develop a process for engaging new members from the start by helping them get involved, connecting them with a mentor, and by pacing the learning over time.

Rotary Basics - This comprehensive guide to all things Rotary covers everything from how Rotary began to how you can optimize your membership experience.

Connect for Good - This eight-page guide shows how to get involved and connect with Rotary.

Kick-Start Your New Member Orientation - Are new members leaving within a year or two? Learn how to better connect with them and help them get involved from the start.


Creating a Positive Experience For Prospective Members - Find tips and ideas for connecting with prospective members, and what you can do to ensure they have a positive experience

Engaging Younger Professionals - This online toolkit can help clubs connect with Younger Professionals by first understanding them. Topics included are characteristics of your audience, your club’s culture, ideas for outreach and engagement, and the longterm benefits of becoming a Rotarian.

Strategies for Attracting New Members - Are guests of your club not interested in joining? Learn how to improve the club experience to make it attractive to visitors.

Connecting with Prospective Members in your Community - Watch this webinar to view a demo of how to effectively use Rotary’s membership leads platform to connect with prospective members, and a Q&A with Rotary staff from the Membership Development team



Be A Vibrant Club - A quick guide for clubs with strategies for enhancing your club’s structure, activities, and even culture.

Best Practices for Engaging Members - Is your club losing more members than it’s gaining? It’s time to get serious about engaging members.

Revitalize + Rethink Your Rotary Club: Crafting Your Member Experience - Learn ways your club can create an engaging and rewarding member experience by embracing new rules and flexibility options your members