Some exciting news...Jothi (our Rotary Peace Scholar) has been selected for an internship in Singapore through the University of Queensland Ventures Program. The internship will take place in June/July 2023 during the Australian winter break. The internship will be at a tech startup and she will have more details on the exact placement in the coming weeks. While the internship is unpaid, all the costs associated with my participation will be covered by a UQ scholarship! 

Her pitch was on bridging the worlds of peacebuilding and technology.  To her knowledge, she is the only student selected from her department for this program. The opportunity came through her extracurricular involvement in the University of Queensland's Venture and Entrepreneurship program. She already has her first certificate from University of Queensland!  None of this would be possible without the early supportfrom Lynda Ryder, our District Peace Scholar Chair and Rotarian Ian Lancaster ( Rotary Foundation Canada's Health Areas of Focus, Major Gifts Initiative Committee) and their investment in Jothi's vision. She thanks Rotary and is going to see Ian when she is at the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne.