After Thanksgiving Thursday, there is Black Friday, then Cyber Monday and finally Giving Tuesday.   Tuesday December 3.  Please start a campaign on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram and ask all of your Rotary Club members, and non Rotarians (your friends, relatives and business associates) to give to The Rotary Foundation. Read more for some resources....

Here is what is on of Rotary District 7070 Facebook page and many more , thanks to Sure Miller of the District 7070 Public Image Committee. Please go to our District 7070 Facebook page and share the "ask" on all of your club's and on your own social media accounts TODAY.


And if you are on facebook, please share this with all of your friends:


On Twitter, be sure to go to the Rotary International Tweet . Here is what you will see and be sure to retweet : 

is on December 3. Its a day to do good in the world and support the causes you care about most. Find out five reasons to support The #Rotary Foundation -

Here is a poster that Past District Governor Mary Lou Harrison, also a member of our District 7070 Public Image Committee,  found. Please share on all of your social media accounts TODAY.


Dear Fellow Rotarians in District 7070,

On Giving Tuesday, 3 December, The Rotary Foundation will try to surpass last year's record of $321,000 in online donations to the Foundation in a single day. As your district's leader, you can help us raise awareness and funds so that together we can keep Doing Good in the World.

How can you help us reach our fundraising goal?
Share our new Giving Tuesday video with your clubs and on social media.
Encourage members to donate on Giving Tuesday.
The three clubs that raise the most money online on Giving Tuesday will be recognized on Thank you for supporting The Rotary Foundation on Giving Tuesday!

The Rotary Foundation









And here is even more information to pass on to your friends.

A Foundation to build on

see this link:

The Rotary Foundation is recognized as one of the most effective and well-managed charitable organizations in the world, with 12 consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator and an A-plus rating from CharityWatch.

We know that the Foundation is helping Rotarians do good in the world, but it can be difficult to convey the full scope of its work. So we’ve put together some figures from the past five years — 2014-15 through 2018-19 — to tell the story of the generosity of Rotarians and the good work that the Foundation supports.

November is Rotary Foundation Month; to make a contribution, go to

Average yearly giving over five years per Rotarian: Canada , the third highest country in the world at $344 US per Rotarian

*In addition, in the past five years the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

has contributed matching funds in the amount of $409 million.