Past District Governor Mike Cooksey once told me that if you want more Rotary members, you have to ask. He told everyone he saw to "Get your Ask in Gear". His words certainly reflect one of the Strategic Plans that District 7070 has this year. Our goal is to receive 100 inquires from  the "Join Us" button on the District 7070 Website and to have over 40 Rotary Clubs have a "Join Us" button on their own club website AND have a members conversion process from these inquiries.  It's up to you.

If you have been already been part of the District 7070 Website Refresh Program, then you will remember Melissa Wells talking about adding a "Join Us" button to the front page of your club website.  This is your way of "asking" anyone who sees your website to learn more about Rotary and join your club. 

Past District Governor Bob Wallace of our District 7070 Technology Team did this to our District Website. Instead of "Join Us" , Bob put an "Interested in Joining" button right up front on the menu tab. To see how we have done , Please Read more........

In the first 30 days, he received an inquiry and is now following up with the individual, and providing a lead to one of our District Rotary Clubs. It really works. Please give it a try.  Please contact Bob if you need help adding this to your club website at

For those clubs who have not yet registered their club for a Club Website refresh, please do. You will be surprised who will see your website and who knows, they just may want to join. 

If you have not had a chance to get your Club Website refreshed, please do so real soon.  See the story right here in this newsletter.

Please Google a few of the Rotary clubs in our District and see what they have. Click on their Join Us button to see how they get interested parties  to "ask" about Rotary:  Rotary Clubs of Toronto, Oshawa,  Bowmanville, Whitby-Sunrise, Port Perry, and so many more

Here is the District Website front page: 



Here is the Rotary Club of Toronto Page: