With the rise of social media and the decline of attention spans, the use of images to attract an audience is key. Photos are ideal captivators, whether for a social media post, flyer, ad, or brochure. For your People of Action stories, you’ll want images that instantly convey the good work your club members are doing....

Here are some practical tips to consider when choosing photos:

Show Rotary participants taking action

  • Feature real-life, everyday moments
  • Display a sense of motion
  • Focus on just a few people that viewers can see well
  • Represent the diversity of your club and community

In the Brand Center, you’ll find examples of images that can elevate your message. You’ll also see images to avoid! Visit the Brand Center’s People of Action Brand Guidelines page to learn more about photo do’s and don’ts and effective ways to tell your club stories.

Photos: Focus on a few people viewers can see well (top right). Avoid images of back of heads (bottom right).