Posted by Ron Denham, Past District 7070 Governor and Director and Chair Emeritus WASH Rotary Action Group

Need help with your WASH project—here’s how!!

The Rotary club of LaSalle-Centennial wanted to support the RC of Mzuzu (Malawi) to bring water to a rural community, but the cost was more than the club, and its partners could raise. Enter the Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation (CRWF). In discussing the project with Elvira DiGesu-Iarusso, of the LaSalle club, the CRWF team realised that one of the goals was to bring safe water to a village clinic serving 700 households. It qualified for funding under CRWF’s WASH in HCF (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, in Health Care Facilities) program. This program offers up to $Cdn 8000 or 10% of the project value, whichever is the lesser, for any WASH project bringing safe water, sanitation and/or hygiene to a hospital, clinic or nursing station, in which a Canadian Rotary club plays a significant role........

This program is all part of a global initiative to reduce maternal and infant deaths, and reduce infections, arising from lack of safe water and, especially handwashing facilities—even in  maternity wards and operating rooms. Filthy latrines, poor cleaning and no effective waste disposal all contribute to more than 300,000 maternal deaths a year—in hospitals!!

If your club is embarking on a project where the local health clinic will get safe water—let us know. We may help you meet the budget!!

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