Posted by Rob MacArthur, member District 7070 Public Image Committee

Here is another ROTARY PUBLIC IMAGE TIP from Rob MacArthur (from our District 7070 Public Image Committee):

"Do you use RSS feeds to post to your social media resources?

I have been doing this for a long time to be more productive for my sites.

Since Rotary International has an RSS feed for the news posts they make, I have a tool that shares the post when it to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram account. The article picture is reformatted perfectly and post includes the title. When people click on it, except for instagram, people are taken right to the article.

Saves a lot of time and is the most effective way of sharing what RI is sending out. Check out Rotary Club of Port Hope for examples.

Any posts about are done through this method.

I use blogger for custom posts of my own. Tags are added in the post and the posts are accessible and sharable by RSS feed. Its not really auto posting to me... I see it as autosharing.. which I find very handy".


Rob MacArthur

Rotary District 7070 Public Image Committee