Posted by Mark Chipman, District 7070 Governor , 2020-21

Hello District 7070:

August is Membership and Club Development Month, a time to focus on and appreciate your members, and celebrate their contributions.   Go ahead – thank someone in your club for making a difference!  The reason why Rotary is such a successful organization is because it is full of members that have one trait in common - the passion to make a difference in the world.

We also have the best kept secret in the world…we should be proud of being a member and willing to share with our friends and neighbours the many benefits and opportunities that a Rotary membership provides. It is a passport to “endless opportunities”........

Our District Public Image team is running a “Share your Favourite Rotary Moment” campaign to tell our stories and let others know how a Rotary membership can offer so many benefits.  Recently I shared my Favourite Rotary Moment when I attended my first meeting at the Rotary Club Whitby Sunrise and was amazed at the many local and international projects that the members were involved with.   I knew then that Rotary could provide me with a channel to engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities.   All it took was a proud Rotarian to invite me to a meeting!!

See my Favorite Rotary Moment and others by checking out @rotary7070 on all social media channels.  I encourage you to share your Favourite Rotary Moment by sending an email to, describe your Moment and Personal Outcome along with a photo to help illustrate.  Let others know how Rotary has benefited you!

RI President Holger Knaack urges clubs to focus on keeping current members engaged.  Make sure every club member has a role to play. Everyone joined to become part of something big, and if they aren't given a chance to contribute, slowly but surely, their satisfaction level will begin to decline.

Consider giving new members some responsibility at every meeting (i.e. introduce or thank a speaker, present a cheque to a receiving charity group).

Focus on keeping members happy.  Why not take the time to ask your members the changes that they would like to see in the club or how they would like to see the club in a few years?  Such a simple act shows your members that you care about their presence and opinion in the club.

Encourage and look for opportunities for different Rotary membership types within your club such as:

  • Corporate - allows a corporation to become a member of a Rotary club and to appoint individuals to join the club

  • Family - consists of a primary family member and alternate members who are often young adults of primary member or a partner/spouse

  • Associate - some clubs use associate membership as a trial period to engage prospective members. If the associate member sees value in the experience, they can then join

  • Young Professional - offers a more affordable dues structure to a young professional and more flexible expectations for participating 

  • Satellite Club - an extension of the Sponsor Club with same rules; offers an alternative and often more flexible meeting time/place

District 7070 has a Membership Committee headed up by Chair Virginia O’Reilly. If you have any questions or ideas about Membership please reach out to Virginia at

This committee will be holding several Membership related Zoom sessions in the next few months, including a New Members Gathering on August 20, and a Grow Rotary Workshop on October 3 for all Rotarians and Rotaractors (register for the following workshops online by going to the website).

We are privileged to be a member of an incredible organization that offers “endless opportunities”. Let others know that they can have these opportunities too. 

Be a proud Rotarian!


Mark Chipman

District 7070 Governor, 2020-21