Past District Governor Lynda Ryder was the emcee and the District Governor Team hosted our annual District Governor Changeover Ceremony and Awards Presentations for more than 100 Rotarians and Rotaractors and their spouses from all over District 7070, on June 23, 2023 at the Whitby Marina. We are pleased to present Iosif's year-end closing remarks to everyone in District 7070.

Emcee and Past District Governor Lynda Ryder

 Here are the highlights of Past District Governor Iosif Ciosa's address to the Rotarians at the District Governor Changeover Ceremony.....

District Governor Iosif Ciosa's Thoughts for End of Year!!!

Tic Tok Tic Tok, we are almost there we celebrate the ending of on Rotary Year and the beginning of the new Rotary Year. I am humbled to be here today as I celebrate the highest honour that a district can bestow on any of its members, the role of District Governor. It has been the best year I have had in Rotary. I have enjoyed meeting the many Rotarians in our District, at visits, different events, celebrations and fundraisers, I loved every minute of it. It is a true honour to serve!

It seems like only yesterday we were in Oshawa at the Jubilee Pavilion and Ron’s year was coming to an end and mine was about to begin. Just like today, we are celebration both the end and the beginning of the new year.

 Good afternoon fellow Rotarians and welcome to the changeover and awards ceremony!

I see today we have Past Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson and Rika and Past Vice President of Rotary International and Past Chair of the Rotary Interntaional Polio Plus Committee Dr. Bob Scott and Ann are here with us. Please give them a hand! Please give a big hand for everyone for being here today!


Wilf , Rika and Sandi Ramsay                                                Peter Hernandez with Dr Bob and Ann


What a year we had, the 2022/2023 Rotary Year will remain as a milestone in the history of Rotary:

  • We have the first Woman Rotary International President Jennifer Jones Canadian from Windsor, Ontario, CANADA

  • Rotaractors have become another type of Rotary membership

  • We have established a New Rotary Club in our District – The Toronto Tibetan Club

  • We celebrated Dr. Bob Scott’s 90th Birthday!

  • We are proud that 44% of our leadership in our District are women

  • And 33% of the membership are women

  • We had an amazing District Conference (anecdotally a member came and told me that this was the best conference he went to)

  • We had a successful Foundation Walk, and District Assembly 

  • This year after COVID Ribfests, Food events were in full swing, some clubs have had banner years

  • This year we had some difficult losses we have lost Dr. Barry Vail an outstanding member of the Rotary Club of Cobourg, Mr. Michael Parker form Cobourg, We had some medical issues, Virginia O'Reilly was injured, Mardi, Neil Phillips’ wife (from Toronto) and Sue Miller (from Whtiby Sunrise). our thoughts and prayers are with them their families.

  • Now I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support this year, and I will ask you to extend that support to John next year.

  • I would like to thank

    • My wife Maggie for her tremendous support during this past year, without her support I could not have been able to serve.

    • My mentors Beth Selby, Michael Bell and Lynda Rider

    • The District Governor Team

    • The Assistant Governors

    • Linda Raney our District Secretary for her tremendous work she has been doing the early texts,  emails and phone calls and for organizing Today!

    • Bob Wallace who learned to leave his phone at home when on holidays or golfing

    • The Whitby Marina for hosting us this evening and Manhattan Catering Company for catering today

    • Last but not least is all of YOU! Your commitment to Rotary, to your communities and to each other are an inspiration to me and I am sure to every one else. Please give yourselves a hand !

Editor's Note: Congratulations to Past District Governor Iosif Ciosa for an outstanding year as District Governor. He has encouraged and challenged us to "Imagine Rotary"  in our clubs and in our communities, locally and globally. A job well done