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Rotary District 7070  “A Mill for Bill” Campaign

Help us raise $1 million USD in support of our Rotary Foundation in the 2019/20 Rotary Year!

Bill’s dream is for District 7070 to raise $1 million USD for our Rotary Foundation!

What better way to honour Bill than by making his dream a reality in 2019-20?

Have YOU made your contribution? 

We are getting closer and closer to our goal.

Let's honour Bill and keep District 7070 in First Place.

Here is where we are today:  OVER $ 883,511.74   !!!

We are getting closer. Who will put us over our $1,000,000 goal?

Please read more to see how you and your Rotary Club can contribute.......

On May 10, 2019, Rotary lost a charismatic, dynamic leader with the death of Past District Governor Bill Patchett at the Northumberland Hills Hospital after a valiant battle with cancer. Our loss was so significant that Bill’s passing was mentioned at the RI Convention in Hamburg, Germany this past June.

In District 7070, we will remember Bill for his passion and for his legendary and tenacious End Polio Now and Rotary Foundation fundraising efforts.

Bill was appointed as District 7070 Foundation Chair in 2010. Until that time, the average annual contributions to the Rotary Foundation and polio by Rotarians in our District was about $340,000 USD.

In his first year as District Foundation Chair, Bill motivated our Rotarians to contribute over $830,000 USD, simply amazing.

Since then, our District 7070 has raised an average of $730,000 USD annually. This substantial increase in contributions allows more of our clubs to access Global and District Grants through the Rotary Foundation SHARE Program. It also means that Rotary has been able to impact the lives of more people around globe.

PDG Bill was responsible for elevating our district to the #1 District in Canada for Polio giving and one of the top 3 districts in Canada for contributions to our Rotary Foundation. He put our District 7070 in the spotlight with Rotary International, but Bill still has an unrealized dream.

Bill’s dream is for District 7070 to raise $1 million USD for our Rotary Foundation!

What better way to honour Bill than by making his dream a reality in 2019-20?


Here’s how you can help!


“Give a little bit more for Bill”

Start with what you give now as an individual or as a club and add to it.


What Individuals Can Do:


What Clubs Can Do:

  1. Increase your online giving to the Rotary Foundation using Rotary Direct.

Tip: Click here to become an online donor if you aren’t already.

  1. Set a minimum goal of $100 USD per member in support of the Annual Fund.

Tip: If you’re already achieving this (thank you!), set your goal a little higher.

  1. Collect from people who sponsored you in the September 8th Rotary Foundation Walk.

Tip: Stay tuned for a way to accept online donations through The Rotary Foundation Canada.

  1. Collect all of the pledges from your club members and friends who sponsored your team as soon possible in the September 8th Rotary Foundation Walk in Etobicoke.

Tip: Tell potential members to donate to the walk. All new members are donors-in-waiting for our Rotary Foundation.

  1. Join our District’s End Polio Now Club by contributing a minimum of $100 USD to Rotary’s polio eradication efforts annually.

Tip: End Polio Now Club members receive a very nice pin!


  1. Set a minimum goal of $1500 USD as your club’s contribution to the End Polio Now campaign.

Tip: Host a End Polio Now fundraiser any time this year.. Collect from everyone who pledged funds on World Polio Day 2019..

  1. Join Rotary’s donor recognition program by becoming Sustaining Member, a Paul Harris Fellow, a Paul Harris Society member, a Major Donor, or an Arch Klumpf Society member.

Tip: There’s a giving level for all budgets. Try to move up a category.


  1. Host a club social or a special fundraiser in support of the Rotary Foundation.


Tip: Pick a Rotary Area of Focus (e.g. water, sanitation & hygiene) and create a themed event.


Additional Idea: Some clubs have their own charitable foundations and could make a one-time donation in honour of Bill and in support of the life-saving work of our Rotary Foundation.


Your District 7070 Foundation Team is ready and able to assist you with any and all of these fundraising opportunities. Please contact District Rotary Foundation Chair Michael Bell ( or District 7070 Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund Chair Ted Morrison ( for more information and to share your plans to help us raise “A Mill for Bill.”


What will you and your club do TODAY to help us raise “A Mill for Bill” in District 7070?