Posted by Ron Denham, PDG 7070 and President of Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation

As many already know, The Rotary Foundation is having to cut back on funding projects. Consequently Canadian clubs are looking to the Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation for funding support. Here is a letter from President of the CRWF and District 7070 Past District Governor, Ron Denham, for the latest  message that has been sent to all District Governors with clubs in Canada. Please Read more......



As you know, it's getting tougher to secure funding from The Rotary Foundation for your projects. The requirements are increasingly demanding, and the amounts available for grants are being squeezed. Fortunately the Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation is here to help!

We are offering up to $10,000 (Cdn) or 10% of the value (whichever is less) of any WASH project focusing on a hospital, clinic or other health care facility, in which a Canadian Rotary club plays a leading role.

The RC of Windsor working with the RC of Wa, in Ghana received $10,000. The RC of La Salle Centennial and the RC of Niagara-on-the-Lake both received financial support for their projects in Malawi.

Your club could be next!

Better still - If your club submits a proposal for a Global Grant to the WASH Rotary Action Group prior to filing with The Rotary Foundation, you can receive a donation of $2000 to the project.

Why? Preparing a proposal for a Global Grant is a complex, often time consuming and difficult process. Proposals frequently go back and forth between TRF and the applicant several times before being accepted. A review by WASH-rag experts, all well versed in Global Grants, will streamline the process. We can help you anticipate many of the questions raised by TRF. Community assessments, plans for on-going funding for O&M, provision for Monitoring and Evaluation, all required by TRF, are part of the DNA of these WASH experts!

CRWF reserves the right to reject applications if the proposed project is not compatible with Rotary International's WASH Area of Focus or does not support the WASH Rotary Action Group's mission to support for Rotary clubs and/or districts.

Please ensure that the Canadian clubs in your district are aware of this great opportunity. If you would like more information, please contact one of the undersigned.

Yours in Rotary,

Ron Denham 

Ron Denham, President
Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation 

David Angas, Treasurer
Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation