Posted by Renata Pancini, Past President Woodbridge Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Woodbridge, brought the Brush-A-Mania to the Monsignor Fee Otterson Elementary and Junior High School in SW Edmonton, through our new Club's Member Dr. Gina Agbulu. Here is just part of the "thank you" letter....

Dear Raffy Chouljian, CP Giri and Jennifer Boyd,

Thank you for providing an excellent opportunity and platform for our latest member, Gina,  to demonstrate  her passion for service to the community through the BRUSH-A-MANIA 2023. Gina was inducted into our club about 2 weeks ago and she was able to pull this event off with her dedicated team of the Principal and the Dentist + Gina's hubby  in Edmonton, Alberta. We are proud of you Gina.

We are delighted with the smiles of the 330 kids as they benefited from this program. Thank you Gina! Thank you Dentist! Thank you Principal! Thank you Kids! 

Thank you Renata Pancini for sharing and spreading the good deeds from the Rotary Club of Woodbridge.  please read more for some photos.....



The event started with introductions by the principal which included a reminder for the Otters to listen attentively in order to know how to take care
of their adult dentition which they will keep for life which is different from their milk teeth. This was followed by a brief speech by DR Regina Agbulu
which incorporated the origin of Brush-a-mania, a program to promote Oral health, initiated by DR Raffy Chouljian (RC Scarborough Passport, Ontario)
about 21 years ago. She also added the sponsors of this βirst epoch making event in Alberta was the RC of Woodbrigde, Ontario. Dr Agbulu then
proceeded to introduce the dentist, DR Simi Aderibigbe.

Dr Simi Aderibigbe gave a very interactive, enthralling, and brilliant presentation which the Otters thoroughly enjoyed. She mentioned three key
issues involved in dental care namely:

1) Healthy diet and drinks with real life examples of these.

2) Good teeth brushing technique twice in the day with at least one flossing session in the day. (The first teeth brushing session is ideally after breakfast
while the last session is last thing at night.) The dentist advised for circular brushing motions above the gum line, in the front and behind the rows of
teeth as well as the tongue and roof of the mouth. The circular motions over the teeth should take an average of two minutes with a pea sized portion of
toothpaste being used for the whole mouth. The demonstration was done on mascots that she had come with.

3) At least an annual visit to the dentist.

She concluded with a q & a session with the Otters asking questions like:
a) Can we brush our teeth when they are wriggly ie the milk teeth are
beginning to fall off? .....Yes, but gently.
b) How long did it take to be a dentist?..... Students were encouraged to read dentistry in the University after senior high school.
c) Can I floss more than once a day? ...... Yes  

d) How long did DR Aderibigbe practise dentistry? ......About 20 years.

DR Agbulu concluded with announcements for Otters to give a resounding thank you to DR Simi Aderibigbe as well as remind their parents to log onto
the Brush-a-mania website and enter the competition to win very cool prizes eg Nintendo.

The principal ended with a thank you note and reassurance that the Otters will get their souvenirs in their classrooms for better crowd control. He also
added that he will send the information to their parents. (The principal sent an email confirming that the excited Otters had received their souvenirs and
that the information for the parents had also been sent to them.)