Posted by Courtney Doldron, Rotary Club of Willowdale

Imagine communities where every child has access to quality education.  In many countries, across all education levels, children with disabilities are more likely than their peers to be out of school.   World-wide, an estimated 1 of 3 children not attending school have a disability.  Throughout Africa, less than 10% of children with a disability are enrolled in primary school (WHO, World Bank)  School access and participation can be hindered by factors such as a lack of understanding of student needs, trained teachers, absence of classroom support or accessible facilities (UNICEF)  

Rotarians are mobilized to ensure that all children in their communities do have access to education - no mater their abilities.   In this issue of the BELRAG newsletter, learn about Rotarians in Brazil who are providing an innovative therapeutic approach to enable children with Downs Syndrome learn to read.  Rotarians in Medellin Colombia are using distance education to provide access to learning for students with Spina Bifida.  Travel with Rotarians from Tasmania as they support blind and deaf students in Nepal.    It is inspiring to learn of the variety and the scope of BEL programs that Rotarians support to ensure that every child can go to school and learn to his or her fullest ability.

Enjoy this  BELRAG Newsletter and let it inspire you to Imagine Rotary's Impact for Learning!