Our new District Governor John Burns ended the Ceremonies, and made his final remarks as District Governor Elect by thanking Iosif for his outstanding Rotary year.  Please Read more .....

John Burns thanked his mentor Past District Governor Ron Dick for his help and guidance through the years leading up to the District Governor position.

He made special mention of the nick name Ron gave him which he is now firmly stuck with “Special Agent 7070”, following the passing of Sean Connery.

John gave thanks to the Assistant Governors and the District Leadership Tesm members who have finished their term and welcomed the new ones whom he looks forward to working with over the next year.

He thanked the District Governor team for working with him over the last 3 years to get rid of the sharp corners and smooth him out for his year as District Governor, adding that any sharp points that remain would surely be removed by his wife Pauline.

John thanked everyone in advance for their support during the coming year and looked forward to his club visits.

Lastly, John thanked Iosif for his friendship and help over the last year and hoped that he could now have a less stressful year as Immediate Past District Governor.