Benefits of Joining Rotaract!

1. Career - the networking portion where we expose you to corporate and non-corporate guests who are Rotarians or friends/guests of Rotarians. Rotarians are the business leader professionals. They are not your typical corporate folks because Rotarians have the mentality of doing good for community and that's why they're part of this.
2. Community - you are part of the international and local community. We help out with community service work; volunteering in this sense.
3. Fundraising - yes, we have either/both an international and local charitable cause the club supports.
4. Travel opportunities - clubs around the world like to initiate their own "round trips". They take you around at a potentially subsidized cost and you get to meet Rotaractors in different countries/cities.
5. Scholarships and Awards. People you know or maybe even don't know send in nominations for you. Or sometimes, you apply yourself. Later on, there are Masters scholarships and Peace Fellowships that you can do - if diplomacy is what you're into.
6. The prestige of being a "Rotaractor". You are recognized by anyone who is also a "Rotaractor". The entire environment is very friendly.