Posted by Deb Murray

And What Is She Doing?



My name’s Lauren and I’m 17 & from Cobourg, Ontario in Canada.  I’m currently living 5,852 kilometers outside of my comfort zone in Kolbotn, Norway! I left for Rotary Youth Exchange on August 7th, 2017 and have been spending the time since living it up like a true Norwegian Viking.

I started this blog to shed a little light on what it’s like being an exchange student, and also as a guide to survival on living outside of your world & away from your loved ones (and your cat) for a year. Exchange is definitely the hardest-yet most wonderful thing I’ve ever done and I’m already seeing myself grow and change so much as I go through this experience.

Anyways, I by no means consider myself a talented writer of any sorts & grammar isn’t always my first priority (sorry grandma), but i think keeping this is great fun. I hope you all like reading about my adventures, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what I’m up to!

Lots of love,