Your Rotary District 7070 Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Committee hosted the Tuesday Talk on May 11th — “Two Drops for Peace”: Building Resilient Communities Together with S. R. “MARTIN” RLA Mediator, Architect & Social Entrepreneur, dedicated to sustainability and peacebuilding. He pointed out that the lessons of the past year have demonstrated just how interconnected we all are and that no size community - urban or rural - is immune to violence and Rotarians have demonstrated that we are uniquely prepared for the challenge. To fight disease, we rely on physicians, but to address the deeper divides threatening our communities, we need peacebuilders with the skills to connect with each other and ourselves.

S.R. Martin shared his experience of transitioning from architect to peacebuilder; what he learned from being a Rotary Peace Fellow; and about how Mediators Beyond Borders International, a Rotary Service Partner, is assisting Districts around the world to build Positive Peace and Resiliency in their clubs and communities. The recording is now available on the District 7070 YouTube Chanel:

Thank you to Past District Governor Beth Selby for a very successful year with our Tuesday Talks.