Posted by Jim Louttit, Past District Governor 7070

In 2017, Rotary Clubs from District 2080 (Italy) and District 7070 came together on a Global Grant with a dual purpose to equip the Hotelier School of Amatrice, Italy of equipment to operate their catering business while at the same time providing the Hotelier School students with the necessary training to learn the culinary business. A huge success.... Read more....

Amatrice suffered much devastation and damage to homes and buildings resulting from earthquakes that hit the area in August 2016 and October 2016. One of the buildings lost, housed the Hotelier School and as a result, the students were forced to move to the nearby community of Rieti and hosted at the Educational Institute of Rieti. It was a difficult transition for all. Again, as we have seen historically, Rotary, near and far was quickly wanting to assist in whatever way possible. Collaboration in such international circumstances does and can work well but certainly takes diligent efforts and follow-up on so many levels.

Thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Woodbridge in District 7070 as well as the Rotary Clubs of Cagliari, Roma, Roma Cassia, Roma Parioli, and Rieti in District 2080 for raising over US$60,000 to purchase a van properly equipped to allow for the transportation of perishable food products; tables; chairs; linens; tableware; and cutlery to serve up to 150 people. This will allow the students, under the direction of the Hotelier School of Amatrice, to benefit from additional learning opportunities by spreading Amatrice’s gastronomic culture at the national and even international level. Thanks to Past President Renata Pancini from the Woodbridge Club for steering this Global Grant on our side.

On October 15, PDG Jim Louttit attended the celebration of the completion of the Global Grant in Rieti, Italy on the invitation of PDG Claudio de Felice of District 2080. The event was held at the school with a number of Rotarians attending as well as School, Municipal and Government officials.

Following the event, several of the Rotarians provided PDG Jim with a tour of Amatrice showing him the area hit hard by the earthquakes and the location of the Hotelier School that was destroyed. It was an emotionally moving experience but those of you that have also done “boots on the ground” visits to devastated areas will understand the feeling of pride in knowing there are many dedicated Rotarians that have been inspired to give of themselves in service of a vast array on numerous occasions.

In he coming days, you can see pictures of the event along with some of the destruction that occurred in our District 7070 Facebook page.


Rtn Desiree Ragazzi, Director, Voice of Rotary, PDG Jim and Donated VanPDG JIm and PDG Claudio de Felice, District 2080




PDG Jim and District 2080 Rotarians at Hotlier School of Amatrice

PDG Jim at Earthquake Site in Amatrice