Congratulations to Randy Nickerson of the Rotary Club of Oshawa, right here in District 7070 for taking third place honours in the Annual Rotary International photo contest put on by Rotary magazine,  judged this year by Barbara Davidson, a photojournalist with a deep commitment to documenting life as she sees it happening. She chose our winners because they, too, found new and imaginative ways to make their cameras see.....

Our judge, photojournalist Barbara Davidson, evaluated the photographs with an exacting eye. She said, "I look for use of color as an element of composition, I look for degrees of tones in black-and-white images, and I look for strong composition and an advanced level of photography as craft," Davidson says. But the technical achievement has to be in service of something. "The images that stand out invite one to linger on the photograph and successfully inspire an emotional response."

And the emotional response is what she saw in Randy's photo.



Randy Nickerson, Rotary Club of Oshawa, Ontario


Barbara Davidson said: This photograph brings so much joy to me. I love seeing these women sitting side by side all giggling together. I get lost in this image looking at all the unique qualities of each face. The image highlights how similar we all are, no matter what culture we come from. Laughter universally warms the heart.


Congratulations, Randy.

Randy is  the Director of Competitions and Vice - President for the Oshawa Camera Club. He is also a freelance photographer for Snapd Oshawa and he runs Many of Randy's photos and videos appear in Snapd Oshawa which also features a full page , every month , on Rotary activities of both Rotary clubs in Oshawa, thanks to Oshawa  Rotarian Michael Adams, the publisher and manager of Snapd Oshawa. 

Be sure to view Randy's photos and videos and Rotary articles every month in Snapd Oshawa at

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