Posted by Brian King, Rotary International Director of Membership Development

Brian King, Rotary's Director of Membership Development sent a letter to your 2019-20 Rotary Club President. Member Leads is so important for all Rotary Club members to know what it is and how it works. Here is the letter with many links to help you learn more.....

Dear Club President,

Thank you for being the inspiration in your club and your community this year.

Rotary International staff and your district leaders are here to help you achieve your club’s membership goals through online membership leads. When people express an interest in Rotary at, Rotary reviews these leads and assigns them to districts. District officers then review them and assign each to a club that they feel could be a good fit. 

When a lead is assigned to your club, you’ll receive an email alert prompting you to review the person’s information and take action. Your club secretary, executive director/secretary, and membership chair will also receive an email alert prompting them to check the lead, and your assistant governor will be copied on the message.


  • Decide who will be responsible for managing membership leads online and for creating a positive experience for prospective members. Your club secretary and club membership chair can play a crucial role in this effort.

  • Review the membership leads your club receives through the Club Administration section of My Rotary. Promptly contact candidates who could be a good fit for your club. Lack of response can quickly cause prospects to lose interest.

  • Use the Manage Membership Leads page to track your candidates and update their status. You can also share feedback with your club and district leaders there. Admit candidates to your club directly through the Manage Membership Leads page, or use their Rotary ID numbers to add them as new members of your club.

  • If the candidate isn’t a good fit for your club, or if you reject the inquiry, use the feedback section to note the reason before you send the candidate back to your district for reassignment. 

For more information about how this works, view Managing Membership Leads

The membership leads program is constantly evolving to better support your club’s unique membership efforts. We also strive to make it easy for prospective, current, and former members to use. Please contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for making membership a priority.


Brian King
Director of Membership Development