Did your Rotary or Rotaract or Interact Club boost your Club's Public Image and enter the draw to  WIN CASH FOR YOUR NEXT SERVICE PROJECT ?  We wanted to make sure all Clubs in District 7070 had this tremendous opportunity to increase our positive Rotary Public Image in your Club and throughout our District 7070 on an ongoing basis. We will announce the winners and they will receive their $500 cheques on July 7  at the District Governor Changeover and Awards Presentation at the Scarborough Golf Club from 2 to 4 pm. Good luck to all of the clubs who entered........ 

Why a Positive Public Image for Your Club?When your Rotary Club has a positive public image, your current members are motivated to be active and prospective members are eager to join your club.

Why Now?With the national advertising being done by Rotary International, before, during and after the International Convention in Toronto, combined with the new Member Leads Program, we are receiving requests from the public. They are asking: “What Is Rotary?”  “How do I find our more about Rotary?”  “Where and how do I join?”

Thanks to the tremendous work being done by our District 7070 Membership Committee, perspective members, who have logged in to our Rotary International website, are asking these questions. They are being sent to your Rotary Club in your community. One of the first places these prospective members go to find out about Rotary in your community, is to your Rotary Club website and your Rotary Club social media sites.


This is where you come in. Tell your Rotary Club's story on-line. Let them know who you are and what you do. 

The ImportanceIt's important that all of our clubs in District 7070 have websites and social media pages and apps  up to date and show our clear and consistent Rotary Story, using our current logos and brand image. Our strong positive Rotary brand image brings awareness, inspires and unites us all to show the world that we are Inspired, that we are People of Action and that we have Transformed.


For the 2019-20 Rotary year, we hope that your club will boost the Public Image of Rotary and your Rotary Club by following the initiatives that we used as a guideline in the 2018-19 contest:

1. Ensure that your Club has a Public Image Chair and an actively functioning Public Image Committee and you have published the name of your
Chair and the Committee members in Clubrunner, as one of your Committees for 2018-19. 

2. Ensure that your Club Website or your Club's Primary Social Media Page includes:
◦ The new Rotary Logo (which is now 5 years old)
◦ either the current “Rotary Connects The World” Theme logo
◦ OR one or all of the “People of Action” photos with the appropriate up to date current Rotary logos

◦ Note: We understand that not all clubs use their club website as their primary contact with the outside world. This is most prevalent with the 'younger” Rotarians who use social media such as Facebook, or Twitter as their primary contact page. That is why this is an either / or situation.

3. On Your Website/Primary Social Media Page and on your Facebook Page – Tell everyone who YOU are and where and when you meet.

Items to include:
◦ where and when you meet, with a map AND
◦ your executives are listed including your president elect AND
◦ the name of a contact person in your club and their contact info with an active response time for inquiries of 2 business days (if you receive a question or a “please contact me”, then you have 2 business days to respond) (Note: The Committee will be checking)

4. On Your Website/Primary Social Media Page and on your Facebook Page, be sure to include these items :
◦ your next month’s speakers are listed and it includes a paragraph description, if clicked on about the speaker and the topic

5. On Your Website/Primary Social Media Page, be sure to publish at least one District Event (such as the Rotary Foundation Walk, the District Conference, the District Assembly, or even the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg) AND provide a link so your members can sign up and register

6. Ensure that your Club has a Facebook Page PLUS one “other” social media app (such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn , Snapchat, etc) . On each of the two social media pages, you have included:
◦ your club name and club logo (make sure it is the new one) and the current Rotary theme "Be Inspired" logo
◦ a paragraph telling Who you are and What you do

7. Ensure that your club has a Facebook Page PLUS one “other” social media app (such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn , Snapchat, etc) and be sure to include:
◦ a photo (with a caption or a story) involving at least one of your service projects or one of your fun and fellowship events, several times during the year - perhaps one per month)

8. On Your Facebook Page and on your “Other Social Media” Pages:
◦ Promote Your Club - publish photos and stories about Rotary and your Rotary club and engage the community to like your posts and encourage comments
◦ Post at a minimum of every two weeks 

Hint: You may want to share what is being posted on the District 7070 Facebook Page and the District 7070 Twitter account, and put a local spin on it for your community

9. Ensure that your print material (posters for events, banners, t-shirts) has the current Rotary logo

10. Get your club to start using the People of Action templates on your Club Website / Your Primary Social Media Page and on your Facebook Page 


2019-20 Rotary Citation Goal : Enhance Public Image and awareness: The “We Transformed” Contest will help your club reach your Enhance Public Image and Awareness goals you need to accomplish, toward your 2019-20 Rotary Citation:

ote: Go to “myrotary” on the rotary.org website and enter the Rotary Citation goals. As you earn stars in the contest, check them off when they are completed.


Need some Help?  Here are a few possible resources to get your club website and social media pages up to date:

  • members of your club
  • their family members (especially their children and grandchildren),
  • a local Rotaract, Interact or Earlyact club member,
  • other Rotary Clubs, local schools, colleges and universities.

Get your Public Image Chair and the committee together in your club, work with your club members and be sure to have some fun with this.


It is never too late to start to Boost your Rotary Public Image.


Be sure to log into myrotary on the www.rotary.org website:

  • use the Rotary Brand Center

  • use the tools and resources

  • develop what you need to Tell Your Club's Rotary Story to your community.